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Driving Awareness Around The Globe

We supported the new user-friendly and streamlined UPS global site by launching it around the world so users everywhere can focus on what matters most.


UPS needed communication support to show their global customers that they didn't just create a new look for their site, but engineered a better tool for doing business.


We showed why the new UPS site features were useful to customers everywhere in a series of dynamic and educational videos that illustrated how each upgrade seamlessly fit into their everyday life.

Why It's Useful

The new UPS site is useful by design and our video content purposefully connected with global users by showing them the ease of the experience and how it allows them to focus on what matters.


Our success went beyond borders and expanded UPS's global reach even further.


Countries Reached

70 %

Video Completion Rate


Global Assets Created
UPS Website

Translating a global message

It’s no secret. Shipping is an essential part of doing business. Not just for UPS, but for millions of people around the world. When they designed their new website, they weren’t just creating a new look—they were creating a better tool for their global customer base. 

But how does one of the largest shipping and logistics providers on the planet break through the noise to get the word out about a worldwide launch?

You turn to your trusted partner of over a decade.

We were tasked with creating a cohesive messaging strategy that transcended borders and made waves around the world. There was just one, minor catch: we had to implement our global plan on a local budget.

Challenge accepted.

The key to efficiency started in the initial production. We worked months in advance, carefully orchestrating one four-day shoot that would capture enough content to cover all corners of the earth. 

UPS Global Map


Transforming one city into five

In just one week, we made Los Angeles our own multi-cultural canvas, transforming the city into Europe, the Middle East, Asia and South America.

We created a diverse set of stories that reflected the needs of our worldwide audience, even using voice talent that narrated our videos in fourteen different languages.

From one standalone shoot, we collected 100 new photos for the UPS brand library to use on the site and collected enough content to create over 600 global assets.

Driving Awareness Image 1
Driving Awareness Image 2
Driving Awareness Image 3
Driving Awareness Image 4
Driving Awareness Image 5


In the end, T3 had made inspirational welcome videos, site demos, emails and landing page banners seen in over 220 countries and versioned across 34 unique languages. Not only did we find a way to efficiently speak to a global audience, we also resonated with an astounding 70% completion rate on the videos.

How’s that for striking a global chord?

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