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Analyze Tweets. Short Stocks. Save Puppies. All In Seconds.

Using AI to turn POTUS tweets into a HUGE opportunity to raise money for a humane cause.


How can we positively spin the unpredictability of President Donald Trump's tweets?


Enter the Trump & Dump Bot. This proprietary platform uses AI to identify Trump tweets mentioning publically traded companies. The algorithm assesses sentiment instantly. Tweets likely to trigger a stock drop are immediately shorted, with all profits donated to the ASPCA.

Why It's Useful

Besides saving puppies? Well, it makes data more meaningful. While the concept is funny, it’s actually a complex technical solve: Twitter monitoring, sentiment analysis, complex algorithms, real-time stock trades—all in a matter of seconds.


The results were, in a word, "bigly" as our little automated trading platform made data meaningful, while saving puppies in the process.

110 MM+


28 ,000

News Article Shares

675 %

Better than the S&P 500


At T3, we’re always innovating. Cracking the next big breakthrough can happen anytime and anywhere. Like Slack, for example. What started as a casual observation over Slack, “ever notice how when Trump tweets about a company, its stock tanks?” quickly snowballed into hardwiring an AI algorithm that continues to save puppies.

Taking Instant Stock Of Tweets

Stocks move in split-second response to real-time information. So when we noticed the uncoincidental downturn after the 45th President of the United States blasts a company in twittersphere, we saw an opportunity—one that required reactions so fast, we couldn’t rely on a human.

So we created the Trump and Dump Bot, a rapid-fire, automated trading platform that instantly analyzes tweets and shorts stocks. Here’s how it works:

Trump and Dump Bot Process

We used our inhuman creation for a humane cause we can all get behind—puppies—and donated all profits to the ASPCA.


Cannes Lions
Shortlist - Social - Real Time Response

W3 Awards Winner
Gold - Social - Experimental & Innovation

National ADDY Awards
Gold - Innovative Use of Interactive/Technology

Cannes Award

Cannes Lions
Shortlist - Social - Real Time Response

W3 Award

W3 Awards Winner
Gold - Social - Experimental & Innovation

ADDY Award

National ADDY Awards
Gold - Canvas, Social Media

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