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Emotional Response Display

Using biometric data to measure the emotional response of concertgoers, T3 designed an experience which turned that data into real time art to accompany the live show.


During SXSW 2019, T3 celebrated our 30th birthday. We hosted several events throughout, culminating in a private event hosted at the Historic Scoot Inn and featuring recording artist, The Head and The Heart. That was the easy part. The challenge for our T3 Labs team was to create an experience that measured and displayed emotion response to the show, and create a unique visual experience for all concert goers.


The answer is to build a custom Emotional Response Display System creating a live stream of biometric data into a visual media system that provides a dynamic and memorable light show for the +700 guests by tracking brainwaves and heartbeats of attendees. Operating under the belief that brands are ultimately built by the emotional response people have to the experiences they provide, we first need to create the ability to measure those emotional responses. We quickly narrowed our focus (thanks to the band name) to brainwaves and heartbeats. The solutions to measure these inputs needed to provide a comfortable experience for the guests and reliable data for the experience.

Why It's Useful

Emotional response to experiences can now be visualized, not in a clinical form, but in a way that’s reactive, engaging and beautiful.







iFly Virtual Reality Headset


We used EEG monitors to measure the Alpha Beta Delta Gamma and Theta of concert-goers to allow us to approximate the emotional state of the guest. For hardware, we quickly moved past a custom solution (originally a hacked child's toy) and opted for the Muse 2 headband [https://choosemuse.com/]. This was a comfortable solution for the guests with minimal interference of the concert-goers, sleek modern aesthetic and an SDK.


For the heartbeat sensor, we created a custom light-based solution that measured heart rate and heart rate variability by passing light through a guest’s fingertip. This allowed the system to understand the level of excitement any particular guest was felteling at the time of measurement.
iFly Virtual Reality Headset


Once we were able to arrive at the technical solution, the custom visual output needed to be created and mapped back to the data streams to allow the variation of inputs to generate visuals displayed around the venue. We worked with a minimal aesthetic to match the event collateral and overall vibe of the band.

iFly Virtual Reality

Once set, we could create central rules in the system for shapes and colors to be used to match this aesthetic for the performance and also provide enough variability to create unique light displays per guest.

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