The Easy Button Is Real

Need something. Say something. Get something. See how the Staples Easy Button makes ordering anything super simple without lifting more than one finger.


To make ordering office supplies less work by enhancing the next generation of the Staples Easy Button.


A fully-responsive, sophisticated office companion that employs voice recognition and AI to simplify the ordering process via text, voice, email or a literal push of a button.

Why It's Useful

Sometimes, innovation is simply how you make simplicity better. Such is the case with the Easy Button. It’s a connected experience that usefully simplifies tasks for the user by making it effortless to order when and where they see something is needed.

Making It Look, Well, Easier

At T3, we have a simple mantra: “win back time.” It informs everything we do. So, when Staples approached us to make the Easy Button easier, we were already equipped with the right frame of mind.

We put ourselves in the shoes of our customers and asked, “Instead of burning minutes, making lists or emailing lengthy requests about pen shortages and low ink levels, why not create a system that usefully and efficiently streamlines the ordering process?”

The Easy Button isn’t magical, it’s just designed to look that way.

The Easy Button isn’t magical, it’s just designed to look that way. T3 developed the user experience for the system, branding, messaging, video and the industrial design for the Easy Button and collaborated with the Staples Innovation team to develop its core technology.

It’s also compatible with smart devices because it’s powered by the best artificial intelligence. IBM Watson is the brain behind the experience, turning what you say into data and turns that into the answers you need. Sounds complicated. Looks easy. Just like we planned.

Pressing Easy Button

The Power of One Push

The Easy Button brings the immediate power of on-demand to any workplace. Now, administrators and employees can manage costs and maintain control of ordering supplies so offices have everything they need to be productive, fed and, most importantly, caffeinated at the touch of a button.

Because that’s what they deserve. An intuitive, user-friendly tool at their fingertips that allows people to focus on the more important tasks at hand.

We know. We have about five of them in our office.

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