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Reimagining a Retail Brand for the Social Space

How social can help turn a health and wellness retailer into a unique and trusted storyteller.


The retail health and wellness category is a sea of sameness. Customers don’t see the value in choosing one drug store over another. Rite Aid needed to find its unique value and deliver that to customers in a way that would resonate with shoppers.


Use social to help Rite Aid find a unique brand message and story customers can relate to and rally behind.

Why It's Useful

Rite Aid was making an impact with their pharmacy and retail offerings, but hadn’t yet discovered how to translate that success to the social space. This is the epitome of T3’s “do, then say” philosophy. Our custom content gave Rite Aid a way to tell their unique story by providing tangible ideas and real solutions for everything under their roof—from pharmacy to front of store and everything in between.


In our first 8 months, we saw an increase in brand interaction across all platforms.

+162 %


+34 %


+173 %


+29 %


Defining the Brand Social Currency

Armed with an expansive knowledge of the landscape, we built a strategic platform to help give Rite Aid a unique point of view and capture their core value: help people navigate their health to always feel their best. This tailored strategy created the foundation for how we would establish a cohesive brand identity—one that would make our posts instantly recognizable and give Rite Aid a presence that people would grow to love and trust.

Establishing a Social-First Identity

From there, our brand identity was born. We created a Social Playbook to define how Rite Aid would look, feel and sound in the social space. With the unique challenge of being a brand that sells hundreds of other brands’ products, it was crucial to establish thoughtful guidelines that would make our creative feel cohesive, eye-catching and ownable. This became the foundation for all creative moving forward—ensuring every story we create in social feels uniquely Rite Aid.

Bringing the brand identity to life through relatable storytelling, naturally integrated products and the Rite Aid color palette.

Custom Content that Shines

Every post we create is an opportunity to show our followers how Rite Aid products can help them feel their best. Using a combination of product and lifestyle storytelling, we meet people where they are, filling their social feeds with real solutions to their wellness needs in ways that are engaging, relatable and impactful. We tailor our creative to individual audiences, ensuring our message resonates.

And since each piece of creative is custom, no two productions look the same. From scrappy, in-house studio shoots to full in-store productions, we aim to help Rite Aid achieve their big picture goals with each and every post we put in their feed.

Measuring the Impact

To understand the effect of each post, T3 developed an original Performance Index for Rite Aid based on the objectives and KPIs laid out in the social strategy. This unique system of scoring uses social metrics to compare the performance of our posts over time, allowing us to evolve and build on past learnings. Factors that drive performance are studied post-launch and used to increase the impact of new creative going forward.

With custom productions, we’re able to get multiple pieces of content from a single shoot.

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