Energizing Customers With Transparent Design

We developed an app that made seeing your energy usage and paying your electricity bill as easy as checking on your thermostat. Shockingly easy.


T3 wanted to help Reliant stand out in a highly competitive and widely undifferentiated energy market. How could we help one energy company rise above the rest?


We developed an app that helped customers understand and control their energy use. We were even able to simplify the bill-paying process down to two easy steps.

Why It's Useful

We didn’t just post a bill—we provided meaningful data. Consumers want transparency. They don’t want to know just what they’re paying, but why. We put both together in a lightning-fast, and enlightening, app.


We shocked customers with smart simplicity.

2 nd

highest retentive service



2.6 mos

Incremental customer tenure


Numbers are powerful when they have purpose. We believe meaningful data can drive brands to higher levels of usefulness. This key attribute of useful brands really shines through in the case of Reliant Energy.

We created a highly personalized app to help Reliant show their customers info that mattered to them. To begin with, we created dashboard views to display their own home’s power usage on a daily and even hourly basis. We also provided views that showed customers how their usage stacked up to the energy expenditure of their neighbors—people in the same area, under the same weather conditions, with similar types of houses.    

Not only is this type of information interesting, it’s also actionable. Data can drive behavioral change. Knowledge is power, and now consumers can adjust their energy consumption based on the insights we helped provide. That makes for some happier customers, and a healthier environment.

Particularly in the services business, any frustration point is just an invitation for customers to jump ship.

Reliant Energy Application

Removing friction, gaining loyalty

Before working with us, Reliant required a rather lengthy process for paying bills. From logging in, to reviewing the bill, to entering information, to submitting a payment and, the steps all added up. To more than a dozen, in fact.

We were able to get those steps down to two.

That’s a big difference for consumers. Particularly in the services business, any frustration point is just an invitation for customers to jump ship and cancel their account. By removing friction and allowing consumers to pay quickly, they stayed around longer.

The result was Reliant becoming the 2nd highest retentive service and customers increasing their account stay with Reliant by an average of 2.6 months. Our shortened, streamlined process helped lengthen customer relationships.

Numbers are powerful when they have purpose.

Data can drive behavioral change.


IAC Winner
Best Energy Mobile App

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