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Puffing Up Jet-Puffed’s Presence

How breakthrough strategy and creative led to millennial love and celebrity recognition.


Jet-Puffed came to us looking to revamp their social channels and create a consistent social presence that would build brand equity and drive new usage occasions amongst millennial moms. But how do you reach and maintain visibility in-feed amongst that audience with no media budget?


We created a brand platform based on what we knew our audience was looking for: fun snacking occasions and easy to make recipes. The platform, “Puff Up,” positioned Jet-Puffed as the brand that can “Puff Up” everything from casual, everyday moments to special moments and turn them into more meaningful ones. Strategically we built posts within breakthrough and differentiated formats to keep them engaged through organic content.

Why It's Useful

Millennial moms are busy but looking for activities to do with their kids. This new platform purposefully created everyday moments in the form of recipes and “snacktivity” videos to keep their kids entertained. Essentially, “puffing up” small things to make them more fun: homework, snacktime, etc.


+13 x

higher organic engagement rate than the industry average

+635 K

organic and earned impressions

+548 K

organic content views

Real-Time Celebrity Engagement

Knowing that we wanted to make a big impact with no paid media, part of our strategy was to listen to real-time conversations and engage with opportunities. This tactic would help make up for lack of paid media support and gain exposure, maximizing earned reach and engagement. This payed off when T3 flagged a real-time Instagram Story mention of Jet-Puffed from Grammy-Award winner John Mayer to his 3.7MM followers. Within the same day, the team provided a response recommendation and transformed the iconic Jet-Puffed label to incorporate quotes from his Instagram Story and delivered a gift of six personalized jars. John featured “John-Puffed” Marshmallow Creme in his live Sunday Night Instagram Variety Show, “Current Mood,” showing off his gift for 2 minutes to 110K real-time viewers. This celebrity surprise and delight activation ultimately resulted in +504K Instagram Story impressions and 7K brand mentions.

Inspiring use through relevant occasions

To keep the brand top of mind we created short form visual stories that built an emotional connection and demonstrated the many ways how Jet-Puffed Marshmallows can be used. This included tried and true and on-trend applications that embodied “quick and easy”. Summer s’mores and favorite holiday dishes reinforced tradition while unique recipes (e.g. melted marshmallow cupcake topping and rainbow pops) and activities (storytime and rainy days) introduced new usage occasions.

Innovative and engaging formats

Following best practices isn’t enough to capture attention and gain reach in saturated social feeds, especially when all of your content is organic. So we created unique interactive posts rooted in user behavior. Short form mobile video with eye-catching colorful graphics drove an engagement rate that was 13x higher than the industry average (.24% Facebook average. Source: Rivaliq). To ensure we owned key windows when marshmallows were top of mind, like Toasted Marshmallow Day, we used the under-utilized Facebook format, the “press and hold” image. Social users were able to toast a marshmallow to their liking in feed from their mobile phone. The end result? A 15% engagement rate (62X industry average, .24% Facebook average. Source: Rivaliq).

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