Merrier Made Easier With A Texas Favorite

Texans love shopping at H-E-B all year round, so why should the holidays be any different? We showed why H-E-B is the only place to find the perfect ingredients to celebrate the holidays the Texas way.


While Texans rely on H-E-B throughout the year for all their shopping needs, lumbering big-box store competitors try to steer them away during the busy holiday shopping season.


Enter Merrier Made Easier. A lifestyle-focused digital campaign by the one store that truly understands what the holidays in Texas are all about. It reminded our audience that H-E-B is the one-stop destination that has everything they need to make their holiday easier and merrier.

Why It's Useful

H-E-B expanded their innovation practices through this campaign; thus identifying a successful, new way for the brand to go to market with relatable, relevant and purposeful content for their audience.


The results were Texas-sized and then some, proving that Texans still feel right at home at H-E-B

24.6 MM


6.3 M+

Video Views

248 K


Our interactive Canvas experience gave fans a peek at what H-E-B had in store for the holidays.

Making H-E-B The Home For The Holidays

It’s no secret. Texans love H-E-B. And, since T3 resides smack in the middle of the state capital, we see this home-grown affinity unfold firsthand. From groceries to back-to-school supplies, it is the statewide destination for everything their shoppers need all year round. Especially during the holidays.

Stores from San Antonio to Odessa are teeming with toys, seasonal fixings and fare that help make that time in Texas truly feel like home.

However, with national big-box-store competitors cluttering the market and trying to steer H-E-B’s usual customers their way, we we’re tasked with developing a relatable, high-impact campaign concept that reaffirmed their mutual affection for and connection to the state they both call home.

Our relatable content stood out from the competition and kept H-E-B top of mind by speaking to what Texans love.

We featured classic recipes with a Texas twist on Instagram.

Tapping into Texas

So we tapped into the store’s Texas roots to show that H-E-B is the only place that truly understands what their customers want during the holidays.

Leading up to Black Friday, we launched Merrier Made Easier, an ongoing lifestyle-focused digital campaign that featured H-E-B seasonal offerings, tips and recipes that would add a little flavor to familiar Texas holiday traditions.

From product content showcasing Texan favorites like pecan pie to how to hack an authentic Austin-style brunch with muffin tin migas and mimosas, each piece had an unmistakably Texas twist.

And our audience ate it up. Our relatable content stood out from the competition and kept H-E-B top of mind by speaking to what Texans love, resulting 24.6MM impressions and over 6.3M video views across our social channels.

The Merrier Made Easier campaign proved that H-E-B could compete against lumbering conglomerates in a crowded holiday market simply by leveraging the single facet other brands couldn’t match: Texas love.

To showcase the top toys in H-E-B’s super selection, we launched an interactive 360º video featuring DC superhero Supergirl on Black Friday.

Texas-themed Facebook posts kept H-E-B top of mind—and social feeds—throughout the holiday season.

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