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Since the 2014 holiday season, UPS has delivered more than just packages. They’ve delivered surprises, hope, smiles, hugs, and above all, joy. And we’ve captured it all throughout the years by delivering award-winning social media and brand marketing campaigns.


Each holiday season as shipping volumes reach their peak, we've continued to partner with UPS to help drive brand awareness, increase engagement, deliver a cohesive brand narrative, and capture the magic they deliver every day.


Social strategies centered around custom video campaigns that tell authentic, heartfelt stories that truly connect with people and make them feel something real. For 2020, we specifically sought out stories of people making a significant impact on their world.

Why It's Useful

The Wishes Delivered campaign uses real, heartfelt brand storytelling to help UPS join cultural conversations and share their generosity with the world.


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Shipping Ain’t Easy

For UPS, the holiday season is always the busiest time of the year. And it’s not even close. As shipping volumes reach their peak, so do people’s expectations. Since this is a recurring issue, we needed a perennial solution for managing predictably high demands, even in the face of unpredictable and disruptive weather patterns. Especially since the noise from the comment section can take over the conversation.

The Wishes Delivered campaign, now in its fifth year, is designed to engage audiences with stories of good, at a time when expectations are highest.


We housed all our Wishes Delivered stories on a dedicated website, where fans could share content directly on their feeds and boost donations.

Cultural Cues

To find our stories, we look at the topics fueling current conversations on social media but in the midst of a pandemic, when Americans were facing significant disruptions to their lives in 2020, we purposely looked for stories of how people were meeting the moment. We know if we focus on telling stories that align with our audience’s passion points, we were more likely to connect with them on a deeper level and create more opportunity for engagement.

Free Mom Hugs

Making one mom’s wish to send her love to the LGBTQ+ community come true

Small Businessman, Big Heart

A kid-run business’s wish to fight food insecurity comes true.

Little Girl, Big Future

Women’s empowerment & strong role models

One Girl’s Future in the Skies

An aspiring young pilot gets the experience of a lifetim

A Sound Social & Media Strategy

The strategy for the Wishes Delivered campaigns is two-fold: create touching stories that resonate with audiences on an emotional level, and share those stories in a variety of formats.

In addition to traditional storytelling, we created a variety of snackable, social-first content more suitable for scrolling the feed. This helped extend the life of each story and allowed us to prioritize the best-performing content on each channel to optimize our media spend.



District Webby Awards
People's Voice
Video: Diversity and Inclusion

District ADDY Awards
Gold - Social Media - Campaign
Gold - Online Film, Video & Sound
Gold - Branded Content & Entertainment
Digital Best In Show - Little Girl, Big Future

Other Projects

Driving Awareness Around The Globe


Driving Awareness Around The Globe

We supported the new user-friendly and streamlined UPS global site by launching it around the world so users everywhere can focus on what matters most.

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Taking VR To New Heights

T3 combined our own virtual reality sensory immersion with iFLY’s indoor skydiving simulations to recreate the thrill of human flight.

Celebrating The Milestones In Life


Celebrating The Milestones In Life

#HeresToFirsts celebrated life’s milestones—big and small—and helped people achieve new ones with confidence. Because Allstate helps protect firsts and every moment in between.