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Creating A Craveable Brand On Social

T3 found Cinnabon’s social sweet spot. Between fresh, relevant messaging and thumb-stopping content, we created a holiday campaign that our target wanted to experience and share.


Cinnabon is a crave-worthy brand. We were challenged to make their social content just as irresistible, building awareness of Cinnabon’s seasonal products and driving purchase intent.


Use social to remind the target audience how magical Cinnabon will make the holidays for her and her friends and family.

Why It's Useful

We designed content that was creatively captivating and purposeful. Tone and messaging aligned with our Millennial target audience, while video and images induced cravings and inspired fans to create their own shareable Cinnabon holiday moments.


We more than met our goals, increasing engagement, awareness, and most of all, love for Cinnabon.

12 M+

Video Views

151 %

More Impressions Than The Same Time Last Year

29 K

Clicks To Site

Delivering a little taste of holiday magic in every piece of Cinnabon content.

Cultivating a modern brand

Cinnabon is a classic indulgence. But even a long-loved treat needs a modern-day edge to stand out in today’s cluttered social feeds—especially during the holidays. T3 began by identifying the type of meaningful and arresting content that would make people stop scrolling and take notice.


Giving voice to meaningful content

Cinnabons are sweeter when shared with friends. So are the holidays. Looking through the lens of community, we created a fresh and relatable take on all those warm, fuzzy holiday feelings our target loves to experience and share on social. We designed 10 video posts across Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter that promoted Cinnabon products and offerings such as CinnaPacks, gift cards, delivery and more. From hilariously relatable shorts to mesmerizing GIFs, each deliverable was crafted with an insight into our target’s social identity, giving her something she’ll want to share with friends.

Intelligent media and targeting

Our strategic plan ensured every post made an impact. Behavior and affinity-based targeting engaged the right people where they spent the most time. As the campaign progressed, we maximized each paid post to learn and optimize based on performance.

Unboxing bons was one of our most engaging posts, featuring a faux influencer opening a CinnaPack.

The holidays are our most important time of year, and this campaign cut through the clutter to deliver crave-inducing content in a fun and impactful way.
Jill Thomas
VP, Global Marketing

Vertical videos performed well, driving click-throughs with quick, crave-inducing content.

Gathering insights from results

This holiday season, we made Cinnabon the special occasion. In addition to far surpassing our projected KPIs, we over-delivered on driving awareness of seasonal products and partnerships. Impressions increased by 151% from the same time last year, and exceeded our benchmark by 46%. And 902K users watched at least 3 seconds of our video content during the campaign, compared to 310K users in the previous year. But most of all, we saw meaningful engagements across every post. From tagging friends to reciting quotes from videos in the comments, people clearly connected to what they saw and spread the joy to their friends. Over the course of the campaign, we gathered key audience insights, as well as the unique strengths of each channel to inform what’s next for Cinnabon in social.

With smart, craveable social content, we put Cinnabon at the top of everyone’s wish-list this holiday season.

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