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Customers Define Their Dreams. And A Brand.

Capital One celebrates customers invested in pursuing success on their own terms.


To establish a deeper connection with Capital One’s current and prospective audience.


We provided real Capital One customers a platform to tell their own authentic stories about how they’re empowered to fulfill their dreams.

Why It's Useful

People knew about Capital One’s products, but they were unfamiliar with their brand promise. This campaign focused on purposeful content around Capital One’s investment in real people by empowering them to pursue personal success.


The campaign beat benchmarks, elevated the brand message and positively changed how audiences view Capital One.

15 MM+

Video Views

693 K

Earned Impression

11 PT

Lift In Brand Favorability Among Prospects

A Brand New Challenge

Since 2014, T3 has successfully crafted socially driven campaigns for Capital One, including card launches, a breakthrough Alexa skill and live events at SXSW. But in 2016, the brand approached us with its biggest, most nuanced task to date: to help define their brand for a broader audience.

And we accepted the challenge.

Dreams For Success

For Connections Director Angela Yang, this marked a new chapter in how we serviced the brand. “Capital One challenged us to tell a larger brand story in a way that would connect with customers.”

We fully embraced the opportunity to think beyond a new product or event activation and started framing our approach around one universally recognizable human trait connecting us all: our dreams.

Since Capital One’s ethos is rooted in empowering customers to pursue success on their terms, it was clear how we’d bring the brand story to life: through the people they serve everyday.

Whether it’s quitting a job to realize a personal passion, giving back to their community or charting a unique business opportunity, we discovered that Capital One customers are doing amazing things that extend far beyond banking.

We created an interactive Canvas experience to extend each #DefineYourDream story for our social audience.

Capital One challenged us to tell a larger brand story in a way that would connect with customers.
Angela Yang
Connections Director

15 second sponsored Instagram stories brought #DefineYourDream to a broader audience and drove further engagement.

Making It Come True

So we sought out to celebrate and feature these real people who continually push past obstacles and defy the status quo to achieve their goals.

We called it #DefineYourDream.

We followed three inspiring customers committed to redefining success and produced a video documentary around each one.

In addition to our three brand films, we created immersive ad units across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to deepen each story in unique and compelling ways.

We then opened up the campaign to a broader audience, inviting customers to share their #DefineYourDream stories.


The opportunity to develop a deeper brand message might have been a new challenge, but project Creative Director John Livingston knew the agency was prepared to deliver breakthrough work. “At T3, we believe that innovation isn’t just a shiny new thing. It’s whatever unlocks the right idea for clients. And #DefineYourDream is proof.”

In the end, the campaign racked up over 15 million views and elevated brand sentiment 11 points by centering stories around a universally relatable human insight and the people Capital One champions and serves every day.

At T3, we believe that innovation isn’t just a shiny new thing. It’s the approach that unlocks the right solution for clients. And #DefineYourDream is proof.
John Livingston
Creative Director

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