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Recline-To-Dine With Auntie Anne’s®

How T3 used innovative storytelling and a high-tech chair to launch Auntie Anne’s mobile ordering and pretzel delivery platform.


When the malls shut down due to shelter-in-place, people wanted snacks delivered more than ever. So Auntie Anne’s launched a seamless new pretzel ordering experience with contactless pretzel delivery. They wanted to stand out in a sea of delivery posts, so our challenge was to find a way for them to stand out in a sea of delivery posts and make food delivery seem like NEW news (especially during quarantine).


To announce the mobile ordering experience, we came up with an idea that infused the mobile ordering tech with the ultimate at-home, pretzel eating experience. We called it: The Recline-To-Dine Chair. This real-life chair (that, yes, we actually built) orders pretzels with the pull of a lever. Upon reclining, the chair connects to Auntie Anne’s mobile ordering system to send pretzels right to where you’re sitting. The best part? The farther you kick back, the more pretzels you get to snack. To bring the Recline-To-Dine Chair into the digital space, we let real pretzel fans test it out, captured their reactions and created content that would get everyone craving Auntie Anne’s at home.

Why It's Useful

Since the release of a mobile ordering platform isn’t exactly newsworthy, we had to wrap it in a dynamic campaign that was. The story of the Recline-To-Dine Chair was not only attention-grabbing, but generated loads of fun content that would keep fans coming back for more.

Social videos that showcase how to order pretzels from the chair or wherever you’re sitting with the Pretzel Perks app.


Auntie Anne’s is all about bringing people joy through our heavenly fresh snacks, wherever they are. ‘The Chair’ is a creative idea to show how we can offer joyful and memorable experiences, even if you don’t have a chair that orders pretzels.
Marcel Nahm, Vice President of Marketing for Auntie Anne’s


The chair uses motion sensors to react to different levels of incline. You can choose from Primetime Pretzels, Nuggets and Chill or kick all the way back with Bingemode Buckets.


To showcase the chair, we invited real fans to test out what appeared to be a comfy blue chair. When they activated the order by reclining, everyone was shocked and delighted to have pretzels delivered just moments later. All of their reactions were captured on camera and turned into content for PR and social content.

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