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Helping Allstate Help People In Need

We created a site that supported Allstate’s Hurricane Harvey relief efforts, providing users with immediate help and resources in their time of need.


When natural disasters strike, Allstate quickly responds to help. After Hurricane Harvey, Allstate needed a site that offered the same helping hand they were already providing on the ground.


Within one week, T3 designed and delivered a responsive Disaster Help Center that provided users with immediate assistance, giving them quick access to national and local resources to help them on their path to recovery.

Why It's Useful

Allstate’s Disaster Help Center uses geo-targeting to display local resources and the location of Good Hands Education Centers, providing purposeful content that’s relevant to users living in affected areas.

Using technology to connect people with local resources—fast.

Allstate’s Disaster Help Center

Local, relevant resources

Users have different needs depending on where they live and whether they are preparing for or recovering from a natural disaster.

We designed Allstate’s Disaster Help Center to be smart. It uses geo-targeted and dynamic content to give users timely information that’s relevant to their needs.

Before a catastrophic weather event occurs, visitors see content to help them prepare for the future. After a severe weather event, users see local and disaster-specific resources as well as live news feeds with real-time udpates.

By providing users with the information that’s most relevant to their current situation, the Disaster Help Center continues Allstate’s long history of helping people rebuild their lives after disaster strikes.

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