Improving 7-Eleven’s Snackend... Err... Backend

We redesigned the 7-Eleven site to make it smarter, more scalable and more 7-Eleven. The famous convenience store got a convenient new backend system.


T3 was tasked with driving a website re-launch for 7-Eleven.com to modernize a site that had remained the same for over 5 years.


A new content management system, better infrastructure, aggressive caching capabilities and a proprietary API layer helped us nimbly create a streamlined site.

Why It's Useful

The new website featured and enhanced consumers’ most sought-after content, while streamlining a multitude of backend systems. It connected experiences for consumers and clients alike.


We upped the site’s usefulness big-time, for customers and clients.

59 %

Store Location Queries

1 min

Time On Page Increase

509 %

Increase In Unique Website Users

It was time for an overhaul

The 7-Eleven site had not been redesigned in over five years, which is basically 10 in internet years. It was long overdue for an updated approach.

T3 had handled maintenance and hosting duties for the website, and constructed iOS/Android builds of their desktop experience. Our work for 7-Eleven in these contexts led them to choose T3 as their development partner for the refresh of the entire site.

7-Eleven customers are mobile

The new website needed to be mobile-friendly and CMS-driven. 7-Eleven identified their web-based store locator as the most utilized feature of their old site. In order to maximize customer engagement with the re-launched site, the store locator feature needed to be fully featured, and built to provide not just store locations, but also hours of operations, facility features and more.

7-Eleven Desktop and Mobile

The right tools in the right hands

T3 utilized a content management system for www.7eleven.com, ensuring mobile-friendly user experiences and simplified backend content changes across the board. Our developer of enterprise products, services, and technical support for the platform, provided the necessary support, infrastructure and aggressive caching capabilities required by T3 to nimbly build and relaunch the site in 6 months.

Additionally, T3 built an API layer for the new website, creating a seamlessly integrated experience to unify 7-Eleven’s platforms. This API layer also handles the heavy lifting associated with massive traffic spikes, and key website functionality, such as the store locator feature, is tied directly to the API layer to further increase efficiency.

Wins all around

Our site redesign didn’t just please customers with a better experience. It also made our 7-Eleven clients very happy. We delivered a slick site that was easy to manage, update and integrate with existing systems.

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