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Out of the 300 brands analyzed, Amazon is the most useful to consumers. See why—and how the rest measure up.



We polled 5,500 consumers to understand how they judge a brand’s usefulness. Their answers boil down into seven elements of brand Relationship and another seven on Performance. See how your brand compares.

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We found some interesting
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of the brands surveyed were not seen as being “very useful”


of the brands fell in the middle of the bell curve and were seen as undifferentiated


of consumers do not rely heavily on advertising to inform their decisions



Travel & Hospitality Report

See how 24 airlines, hotels, car rental companies and online travel agents rate.

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Retail Report

See how 44 retail brands from 10 different retail categories rank.

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The Modern Loyalty Report

Until now, restaurant brands have focused either on rewards or customer service, but not both. That’s a mistake.

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The Top 50

The Highest Indexing Brands

Amazon Internet 01

Ranked the #1 Useful Brand, Amazon’s investment in R&D and innovation helps make them the most balanced and generally well regarded brand in the panel. Young and old, well-off and cost conscious, users and nonusers all agree: and its various services are highly useful.

Band-Aid CPG 02

Johnson & Johnson’s Band-Aid Brand is an enduring icon that sets the standard for quality, particularly for GenXers, upper middle-income homes and parents. Trust is also a key ingredient in Band-Aid’s success. Consumers believe that when they use Band-Aid, the outcome is predictably positive.

Google Internet 03

The undisputed king of search connects users to what they need to know, the way they want that information. Google scores particularly high relative to its peers for being quick, easy to use and on the cutting edge. Google outperforms others in Confidence, Empowerment and Innovation.

Kleenex CPG 04

Like Band-Aid, Kleenex has set the bar in its CPG category. Grocery decision makers and quality seekers rate Kleenex highly across categories. Its design options for almost any scenario, such as home, restroom or purse, give it an edge among other brands in Ease and Availability.

Visa Financial Services 05

Visa’s knack for being almost everywhere scores points with many different demographics. Online buyers, restaurant goers and those who can’t wait for delivery rank this brand particularly high. Visa’s ubiquity is complemented by its ability to reduce friction in everyday life.

UPS Logistics 06

While Amazon may allow you to buy anything, you can count on UPS to get it to you. UPS maintains a slight edge on its closest competitor FedEx in the Relationship sector. UPS also has stronger scores among impulse buyers and environmentally conscious consumers.

FedEx Logistics 07

In a nearly statistical tie with UPS, consumers also rated FedEx a most useful brand but for different reasons. While UPS performed slightly better in categories such as Association, Value and Ease, FedEx eked out a slight lead in enhancing the end user’s abilities as well as being innovative.

The Home Depot Retail 08

Home improvement stores dominated retail brands in terms of overall performance, but The Home Depot was ranked above and beyond the rest. It outperformed competitors Lowe’s and Ace Hardware in 8 of the 14 measured categories.

Microsoft Technology 09

It’s no surprise that Microsoft scores big in the Performance sector. The company continues to be seen as an engine of efficiency that consistently delivers and helps people do more with the brand than they could ever accomplish on their own.

Quaker Oats Food & Beverage 10

A staple in almost every pantry, Quaker Oats ranks above the rest of the consumables we studied. It received especially high scores in both Value and Trust. This brand is seen as particularly useful by consumers who say they place a premium on quality in products.

Windows Technology 11

USPS Logistics 12

Samsung Technology 13

Clorox CPG 14

PayPal Financial Services 15

Hanes Apparel 16

Whirlpool Appliance 17

Glad CPG 18

Campbell’s Soup Food & Beverage 19

Lowe’s Retail 20

Oral B CPG 21

Crest CPG 22

Sony Technology 23

Kenmore Appliances Appliance 24

General Electric Appliance 25

Cheerios Food & Beverage 26

Bose Technology 27

Hewlett-Packard Technology 28

Jell-O Food & Beverage 29

Maytag Appliance 30

Tide CPG 31

Apple Technology 32

Subway Restaurant 33

Colgate CPG 34

Lipton Food & Beverage 35

Lego Entertainment 36

Ace Hardware Retail 37

Advil CPG 38

Wikipedia Internet 39

Gillette CPG 40

Nike Apparel 41

Levi’s Apparel 42

YouTube Internet 43

Adobe Systems Technology 44

LG Technology 45

Disney Entertainment 46

Walgreens Retail 47

Planters Food & Beverage 48

Target Retail 49

Bed, Bath & Beyond Retail 50

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