T3 Mentors ‘Ad 2’ Future Industry Leaders

by Madison Scullin

At T3, professional development is the cornerstone of individual growth and career advancement. Whether sending staff to conferences to hone their craft or shaping tomorrow’s leaders through outreach programs, we love immersing ourselves in the industry.

This year, six T3ers who work across disciplines and departments are participating in the inaugural Ad 2 Austin Mentorship Program. The semester-long program connects industry professionals with emerging talent to encourage dialogue focused on professional and personal development.

As President of Ad 2 Austin, I was honored to champion this initiative alongside four UT Austin and Texas State University students who serve on the board’s Education Committee. The spring program attracted 72 total program participants, including 30 mentors from companies like T3, GSD&M, McGarrah Jessee and SXSW, and 42 mentees, whose experience levels range from undergraduate or graduate students to recent graduates and young professionals. 

We launched the program to make professional mentorship opportunities more accessible and approachable to students and those just starting their careers. In fact, Deloitte’s Millennial Survey found that mentoring has a positive impact on young professionals, with 61 percent of millennials currently benefiting from having somebody to turn to for advice, or who helps develop their leadership skills. We hope that these mentor relationships will extend beyond the program’s term as mentees advance in their careers.

As a young professional who has leaned heavily on mentors to expand my professional network, scout internships and define next steps in my career, I look forward to helping my two Ad 2 Austin mentees learn from my successes and lessons learned. Here’s why my fellow T3 mentors are excited to participate in the program.

Jenny Kornuta, Associate Director, Client Engagement
Advertising can be a confusing career to hop into—there’s a disparity between class work and what roles are actually available in the workplace. Knowing how much I hoped for a mentor when I was experiencing the transition from school to work, I wanted to provide any help or guidance I could for someone else in that stage.

Sarah Hoffman, Associate Director, Media Strategy
I love everything about advertising—the strategy, the psychology, the creativity, the fast pace. To have the opportunity to get a young person as excited as I am about what we do, especially while they have the fresh energy and open eyes to take on the industry, is what made me want to participate in the program.

MacK Magner, Senior Digital Media Strategist
I wanted to become a mentor to offer guidance, advice and help to students interested in advertising. When I was in school, I did not have the same opportunity to work with a mentor in a specified field, which left what I wanted to do with a degree in Marketing unclear. I hope to provide my mentees with background on agency life and media specifically that can help steer these students in the right direction.

Lauren D’Aloisio, Senior Art Director
I joined the Ad 2 Austin Mentorship Program so I can help answer the questions I had when I was new to the industry. I know how intimidating it can be to speak up and ask the things we really want answers to, especially as a young creative who’s afraid to speak up. I hope to help guide my mentees on a path to success and watch their creative abilities flourish.

Spencer Everett, Experience Designer
My mentors have played a big role in shaping my future and getting me to where I am today. So, I feel that it’s my goal to #payitforward. In addition to that, I think that teaching is one of the best ways of learning. I served on the Ad 2 Austin board last year as the Public Service Co-Chair and can attest that Ad 2 is an organization that attracts great people and talent.

Stay tuned for more—we’ll be following our mentors’ journeys and sharing insights throughout the program.

Madison Scullin

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