T3 Meat & Greet at Franklin Barbecue

by Ben Gaddis

T3 hosted a “Meat & Greet” panel featuring T3 President Ben Gaddis, Franklin Barbecue founder Aaron Franklin and Uchi Restaurant/Uchiko co-founder Tyson Cole, exploring the intersection of great food and innovative experiences. Eater Austin called the private dinner and discussion “one of the hottest invites of the week.” The two James Beard-winning chefs partnered last year to launch Loro, an Asian smokehouse and bar to explore a new genre together.

Over delicious brisket, panel attendees heard firsthand from the pair about the challenges of running a restaurant (and what keeps them up at night), how the key ingredient of passion plays into creating experience-first dining and the importance of soul in a restaurant.

Check out our clip below to hear what Aaron Franklin thinks about “branding.”

On the Future

Since opening an Uchi in Houston, Dallas and most recently, Denver, its expansion is expected to continue with Uchi Miami. “Maybe someday there will be Uchis in every big city in America or the world,” said Tyson Cole.

Lead with Passion

Advertising is increasingly focused on crafting great experiences for consumers, but our panelists focus on food first. “When you start off with that passion, then the experience comes later but you can’t compromise that,” said Aaron Franklin.

Authenticity is Key

Don’t miss Franklin and Cole’s expert picks for best restaurants in Austin or the importance of Thin Lizzy when it comes to hiring the right people. “End of the day, the most important thing is that love that you’re putting forth and I think people can taste that. That authenticity of we’re in this for the product and pleasing people and making great food,” said Tyson Cole.

Ben Gaddis

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