T3 Innovation: SXSW ’17 Recap

by Brandon Gredler

As SXSW Interactive comes to a close, here is a brief recap of popular themes based on social trends.

Emerging Innovation Trends: Emotional Awareness

Major themes at SX this year included empathy, diversity, and a special focus on emotions. Ways that these components are changing innovation included this new app that manages your relationships based on your emotional responses. Learn more.

Tackling Challenges with Artificial Intelligence

While some discussions explained fears that have risen with AI, most others covered the ways it will advance everyday life. Intel and others exhibited how they are using it to help with missing and exploited children in America, pets, medical research, and more. Read more.

AR & Robotics: Nat Geo at SXSW

The Nat Geo basecamp was a favorite for SX goers this year. Their exhibits included AR left and right, a robotic arm that drew portraits of guests using only Einstein’s handwriting, and an interactive photo booth. Check it out.

Wearable Technology: Levi’s + Google ATAP

At their SXSW outpost, Levi’s displayed their Commuter™ Trucker Jacket with Jacquard™ by Google for the first time. Capabilities at the touch of a sleeve include navigation, communication, and surroundings exploration. Watch the video.

Brandon Gredler