T3 at Cannes

by Ben Gaddis

Cannes is an annual snapshot of how the world’s creative companies are using human insight, experience, technology and creativity to engage people and solve diverse problems. What’s interesting is to see how people and brands are adapting to the acceleration in change from data, technology and the speed at which trends move across the world.

The pace of change has created a zero-gravity effect on people—who often feel a weightless disorientation as they try to align their mental models and past experience to what feels like an ever-changing set of new opportunities.

The process of problem-solving in this disorienting environments is fascinating to our teams. T3 is presenting a workshop at Makers Lab, Palais II called Embracing Irrationality—a hands-on session to unlock the brain’s power to innovate.

Our workshop builds on the insight that the human brain gravitates toward consistency. However, with technology accelerating at a speed unlike anything we’ve seen, only those who can grasp this rapid growth have the power to enact real change. They do this by identifying the ‘constants’ in their thinking and business and evaluating how those constants might suppress innovation. By using examples of real-life irrational thinkers, this workshop will empower creators to think beyond consistency to unlock the brain’s creative potential to spur innovation.

Ben Gaddis

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