T3 Takes on SXSW 2019

by T3 Marketing

We’re a month out from SXSW with its sprawl, hype, tentpole moments, hidden gems and warmed-over “meh.”

Because this festival has been our backyard for T3’s entire history, we have an insider’s sense of what gets people talking. That’s why we’ve put two of our most provocative thinkers, T3 founder and CEO, Gay Gaddis, and Connections Group Director, Angela Yang, on panels worth attending.


Angela leads off on day two by asking: What is cultural appropriation and who is responsible for deciding whether it’s present in marketing?

Angela will dissect this issue with diverse leaders from Cultivated Insights, the Austin Justice Coalition and Business Insider. They’ll ask: Who has the experience and leadership to make the final call on what is culturally relevant or insensitive in advertising? Who makes the call that the Asian neighbor cast in a beer ad isn’t “the token”? Who decides if a script is bringing to life a harmless trope or a harmful stereotype? Are diverse industry leaders the antidote to culturally insensitive or appropriating work? Is that responsibility even fair?


On March 12, our fearless founder, Gay Gaddis, is featured in our second panel, along with empowered women from Spredfast, Facebook and Women Rising.

McKinsey & Co. found that companies were 56% more profitable when women held executive positions. Stanford found that 57% of women leave the workforce. How can we reconcile these two facts? How can we shift the trajectory of the future? In this panel, women professionals in their 30s, 40s and 60s will take a generational approach as they explore the value of gender diversity, why empowering women matters and how each generation is uniquely suited to effect change

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