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It’s almost time for SXSW again! (Well, sort of.) But it is time for PanelPicker voting which will be open starting today through August 23 and we’re hoping to take the stage to discuss some important topics for us here at T3. Explore recaps of each PanelPicker submission below, and please vote for any topics that stand out to you.

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Worth It or Not?: Going to College

Some believe higher ed has become an inefficient, outdated industry that charges exorbitant fees while delivering little value. So how long until the entire industry is disrupted—or is it here to stay? This session stages a live debate to argue for and against the motion: You shouldn’t save for your kids’ college education. 

Format: Using a debate format, the event positions two thought leaders for the motion and two against it. Audience members vote for or against the motion at the start of the session and again at its completion; the side to change the most minds wins.

With Featured panelists Ben Gaddis (@bendgaddis), Jan Ryan, and Jon Kolko (@jkolko)

Should a Tech CEO Lead the Bank of the Future?

The banking game has changed: It’s no longer about how money is stored, but how (and where) it moves. From Venmo to Alipay to Facebook’s Libra, tech companies are gaining traction on big banks left and right. So what’s next for the evolving industry? This panel discussion takes a future-minded approach to exploring the role tech leadership will play in the banking of tomorrow. 

With Featured panelists Christian Barnard and Jeff Hartweg

Designing for the Internet of Things Continuum 

The Internet of Things (IoT) will rewrite the rules for experience strategy. Forget about single-dimension design. Soon complex interaction scenarios with an exponentially greater number of signature moments and potential fail points will take over. We’ll discuss how a continuous design approach can wrangle experience strategy into a common approach, preparing brands for optimal customer experiences in the age of IoT. 

With Featured panelists James Lanyon (@jklatx), Madhavi Rao (@MadhaviKRao), and Chen Zhang

You’re Just a Number. And you F#*&ING Love it.

There’s a deep human truth when it comes to data, and brands like Zillow and TrueCar know exactly how to milk it. Fact is, people are obsessed with finding out where they land on the curve. Who doesn’t want to know the value of their home or car at this very moment in time? Personalized data puts things in perspective and helps people see their place in the world. When brands do it right, this type of quantification doesn’t just drive sales, it jump-starts an addictive, sometimes irrational behavior in consumers. Join us as we discuss the roots behind this phenomenon and how brands can tap into numbers to boost engagement and build loyalty.

With Featured panelists Jack Lynch and Caitlin Hudon (@beeonaposy)

#Canceled: How Brands Can Thrive in Cancel Culture

Breathe “wrong”? Say something “wrong”? Share something “wrong”? You’ve been canceled. Today, it seems canceling a brand or creator is as easy as canceling a Netflix subscription. Maybe easier. As much as cancel culture gets flack for its seemingly transactional and frivolous application in social feeds, it’s hard to deny the power of communities (often underrepresented and/or marginalized) coming together to hold iconic brands and untouchable celebrities accountable for questionable business practices, shady connections and/or cringey tweets from the past.

In this panel, we’ll bring rising creators and diverse voices from the most talked-about brands to discuss how business and celebrity can thrive in a “tap and cancel” world without compromising authenticity, point of view, and yes, profit.

With Featured panelists Dennis Huynh, Karinna Schultz, Kai Deveraux Lawson, and Angela Yang (@AngelaCYang)

Inclusive Design: What Does it Really Mean?

Brands and agencies often struggle with inclusiveness. Whether it’s in application or practice, inclusion goes beyond diversity and accessibility—that’s table stakes. We have to design beyond the immediate future and recognize the cultural impact every product really has. It’s not an option anymore, it’s our responsibility. So let’s learn from our collective successes and failures. In this panel, we’ll take a deep dive into inclusive design and explore how agencies can—and must—own it.

With Featured panelists Kelley Mitchell Price (@experimitchell), Leslie Wingo (@LesWingo), Angie Benamati, and Chrissy Cowdrey 

Creativity vs. Gun Violence: A Loaded Topic

Gun violence is a decades-old epidemic. Too few people—and even fewer politicians—bothered to ever talk about it. But after the tragedy in Parkland, FL, the conversation changed. For the first time in a long time, there actually was a conversation beyond “thoughts and prayers.” What was once a third rail of politics is now a campaign platform for presidential candidates. But how did this happen? We’ll explore the ideas and campaigns that organizations, agencies and the creative community have put into the world and the impact they’ve made. We’ll see how Change the Ref and the Giffords Organization have forced dialogue and pushed lawmakers for change. And we’ll look forward to how the creative industry can continue to help make a lasting impact in the fight against gun violence.

With Featured panelists Manuel Oliver, Katie Peters, Dan Crumrine, and Sean Leonard

How to Leverage Being Other

To be other is to be different from the norm. Being other, however, doesn’t always feel appreciated or understood. Being part of a marginalized group generally means you function in your own version of society separate from the larger paradigm. Shifting your mindset to reconcile with the idea of being different can help you to be more unapologetic about your otherness and accepting your differences can make you unstoppable. In this panel, we’ll learn what it means to be proud of your otherness and how to use it to your advantage in your life and career. We’ll also discuss how you can make room at the table for more people like you once you’ve leveraged your otherness to your advantage. What makes you different makes you that much more special.

With Featured panelists Leslie Harris, Jai Chapple, and Mylan Kimbrough 

A Healthier Relationship with Hustle 

Welcome to couples therapy. Chances are you and your significant other, Hustle, have an unhealthy relationship. It’s not your fault or theirs, it’s just an ingredient in the recipe for success we’re made to believe. Because you love what you do, you didn’t think twice about diving in headfirst to build your career or prove yourself in that new job. Months or years later, you inevitably crave (or will crave) a reset on your terms, but are afraid that everything will change or you’ll get left behind if you switch up your stroke—which perpetuates the problem.

We’ll explore why we all feel this way, imagine a lasting life balance, prove how the benefits outweigh the perceived risks, and unpack the tools for building it without compromising your ambition or letting anyone down.

Featuring T3 Director of Connections, Caitlin Williamson

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