Pack More Than A Punch

by Kelley Mitchell Price

T3’s approach to loyalty combines modern thinking, modern architecture and modern execution. That’s a lot of moderns. But that word is everything. 

Experience-led, customer-focused experiences create loyalty. Our goal is to craft experiences customers want to be loyal to as the mechanism of loyalty, not points or promo-based programs that age quickly. Crafting these kinds of experiences require:

Talking to customers. Start a conversation. Conversations lead to an understanding of customer needs, motivations and behaviors. Guess less.

Useful, insight-driven product design: Loyalty is earned by providing tangible brand experiences that are easy to use and stand out. Keep it simple.

Demos over decks: Apply an agile mindset and design thinking to the entire loyalty strategy and design process. Prototype and test. 

Start designing experiences customers will be loyal to, not loyalty experiences.


Often the initial ask may seem simple: “We want to increase loyalty.” When a client makes that statement, it’s our signal to dig deeper. How do we do that? Collaboratively frame the problem to be solved and start future-casting. 

  • What is the behavior we want to drive?
  • Is that behavior quantifiable? 
  • Why would a customer care about this? 
  • How does it improve something a customer cares about? 
  • Who is loyal today? Who will be loyal when our project is done? 
  • How will we know if we are successful? 
  • What do we want to be true when we’ve met all of our requirements?

Boldly answer these questions. Do what you do best. Make a great product, provide excellent customer service, and be visible in the marketplace. When these things are true, you’re on the way to a loyalty experience that packs way more than a punch.

Kelley Mitchell Price

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