Our Next Chapter

by Ben Gaddis

I am excited to announce that today T3 is becoming part of LRW Group.

Thirty years ago, Gay Gaddis had a vision for a different kind of agency that challenged convention, worked as a collaborative Think Tank, and lived every day to do “Kick-ass work for clients who want to kick ass.” 

We started small with three people and funding from a cashed-in $16,000 IRA. But our collective ambition was always big. The status quo made us impatient, especially when we could see it failing customers and brands. As a result, we’ve been brave in identifying trends (Hello, internet) and in blazing into new territories ahead of the rest of the agency world.

We’ve done this through new technology, new channels, new working models, and new approaches to collaboration—always guided by customer insights and an independent mindset to do what’s right for our clients and our people. Every day, I see our teams doing things that would have seemed impossible 2, 5 or 10 years ago.

During that time, we attracted clients from some of the most respected brands in the world. As we added the next 50 people and opened more offices, the prospect of growth was exciting, yet measured. We never wanted to grow too fast or lose what made us special. 

The past four years, however, have given us an enviable problem: explosive growth. As our client list expanded, brands asked more of us. Our once-little company was no longer little and we owed it to our team to capitalize on our growth by offering new opportunities at T3. So we decided to talk to a few potential partners to understand our options. We were fortunate that there was lots of interest. But as we talked to group after group we knew the most important thing was to protect what makes T3 special, our culture.

We knew it would require a remarkable partner to take this big step. Trust us, the Gaddis family’s independent streak is too big to allow ourselves to be gobbled up by a traditional holding company. We’ve said “no thank you very much” to more offers than I can count.

Enter LRW Group. In our first meeting they made it clear that T3 wasn’t an acquisition, it was an opportunity to continue to transform their business and realize the vision that CEO Dave Sackman and team have been building over the past several years. More importantly, they valued our culture, our damn good people, and the work. As they talked, we could feel that this was something different.

LRW Group shares our entrepreneurial roots, independent mindset, commitment to craft, and focus on driving human-centric innovation for clients and their customers. Our capabilities, vision, and cultures align. We will gain access to new resources and capabilities to help our clients capitalize on the ever-accelerating pace of change. 

Gay built T3. I grew up here. T3 is a family of 200+ talented people. We didn’t rush into this. We saw an opportunity to blaze yet another new trail to make a bigger impact for our clients and for our people, retaining that kick-ass independent streak that made us who we are.

Our deep client partnerships won’t change. Our belief in craft, innovation, and soul won’t change. Our commitment to our 200+ damn good people will not change.

T3 will continue to build the world’s most useful brands and the experiences that power them. And I will continue to be proud every day of the team that makes it all possible. 

The next phase of our journey launches today. Onward.

To learn more, please read the LRW Group press release.

Ben Gaddis