My Ground Zero: Who the F@#! Needs Another Innovation Lab?

by Brandon Gredler

Companies have a love/hate relationship with innovation. They love innovation’s power to change companies and industries and culture. They hate the process, ambiguity, shiny objects, retreaded ideas and promising efforts that die in decks or in a reprioritization of corporate resources

I’ve got the burn marks to know.

For the past decade, I’ve been the “innovation guy” for companies that span music distribution to venture capital, MarTech, and digital experience and branding, with my own side gigs thrown in.

I’ve seen what fails. And I’m inspired by what works.

So before spawning another innovation lab that’s more navel-gazing yak than action, I used all my pent-up experience to create a mission for our Labs to actually make cool shit happen.

Our mission is pretty simple. (Because the best innovation efforts find the simple amidst the chaos.)

  1. We will be an accelerant for innovation work
  2. We will positively impact the intersection between humans and technology
  3. We will demonstrate and build value for clients

We will do this by exploring culture, business and technology with the objective of sensing and then responding to innovation.

Sense comes from curiosity, active engagement with tech and cultural communities, a dialed-in BS filter and eyes open for opportunities and threats that can lead to new products and services.

Next, we will respond (e.g., make shit happen) through partnerships or capital investments.

We will experiment like crazy with emerging technologies, processes, whatever (lots of whatever).

We’ll run fast and light.

We’ll take the problem-solving seriously, but not ourselves.

Instead of pontificating, we will actually build potential solutions, ranging from simulations to prototypes.

Most importantly, we will publish as if we have an open-source brain.

This is our ground zero—to be an accelerant, to be positive, to make cool shit real. That’s why T3 Labs is the opposite of another bleeping innovation lab.

Check back for more. Keep me honest. Watch us live up to our promise.

Brandon Gredler