Keeping The World Moving When Everything Seems To Be At Full Stop

by Howard Hill

The way we live and work has been turned upside down in the span of a month. Businesses are forced to move operations online. Employees are forced to work from home where possible. And yet the things we still need must get from A to B—even if A to B is now someplace different. 

That’s what UPS does: keep our world moving. 

Our T3 team has been working in high-speed collaboration with UPS, from defining broader goals for helping their customers to rapidly deploying daily social updates. We have produced over 250 pieces of social content in less than a month. 


With the situation changing so rapidly, our team meets every morning with UPS leadership to define the day’s messaging priorities before creating 4-5 social posts that will run across all of the major social platforms the following day. Then the process repeats as we adjust to the news.

First, we helped define the UPS narrative on how they were responding to the coronavirus. This involved messaging around everything from service updates to employee safety to the distribution of tests, PPE and medical supplies. 

Second, we made sure customers and businesses were aware of the tools and services UPS provides to help them not just survive but thrive. We quickly developed a series of social posts and supporting content to help businesses find ways to pivot online and manage their inventories while helping many of our customers do things they simply hadn’t done before like ship to or from their homes or reroute packages to somewhere they didn’t expect to be. 

Moreover, we made sure UPS employees knew how essential they were and how much their efforts were appreciated. Working with our partner agencies, we extended the #ThanksForDelivering campaign to capture the social posts and homemade “Thank You” signs, sidewalk chalk art and other acts of kindness springing up around the country while inspiring more. 

The effort gained traction quickly with over 35,000 social mentions to date, culminating in a retweet by President Trump as well as NFL Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith

It’s been a challenging time but we couldn’t ask for a more nimble, responsive or professional partner than UPS. While seeing the results of our efforts is reward enough, receiving this note from our UPS client made it all the more rewarding:

“Thanks for all your support. As usual, you guys are there by our side. I hope the T3 crew is all safe and healthy. Hang in there.”

Howard Hill

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