iOS 12, Augmented Reality, Memojis, and Our Apple: WWDC Recap

by Alex Samarchi

Alex Sarmarchi, one of T3’s developers, landed at the Keynote for Apple WWDC last week to uncover the new wave of updates around iOS, augmented reality, Memojis, and more. We’re here to break down the big stuff from Alex’s insights:

MacOS Mojave

This new desktop OS will give Mac users a more developed Dark Mode that allows them to change the appearance of their screens. In addition, the Mac App store is getting a redesign. Privacy and Security on Macs will be beefed up, delivering stronger privacy controls that will block attempts to track user data via comments and share buttons.

iOS 12

Doubling down on performance, this new iOS means business. The camera swipe is 70% faster, the keyboard display is up to 50% faster, and app launch is 2x faster under a heavy workload. And, yes, even the iPhone 5s will be able to support the new operating system. While iOS 12 may not visually stray far from iOS 11, it allows the next updates below to run smoother and faster across all iOS devices.

Augmented Reality

While Apple made small steps into AR last year, this year the company is creating a larger presence in the AR/VR sphere with ARKit 2 for iOS. The new advancements in AR will bring improvements to face recognition, environmental textures, and image detection and tracking in 2 and 3D. Other apps such as messages, mail, news, files, and Safari will benefit from the implementation of AR. Users can now send and receive AR clips and see them in the real world. Users can even point their device’s camera at objects to measure them.

Group FaceTime

Group FaceTime will now support 32 participants in a single call, so you can get the whole family involved. Each person is placed into “tiles” of different sizes to make viewing easier. The tile of the person speaking will grow larger to simplify group communication. This feature could mean new competition for video chats such as Google Hangout where businesses utilize video conferencing in their day-to-day work.


Memojis are personalized emojis you can make to look just like yourself. You can adjust hair, facial features, and even accessories. Animojis are also rolling to make your messages more exciting. The Animojis update includes a Koala, a Tiger, and a T-Rex. If you’re sporting an iPhoneX, then you can use Animojis in FaceTime, too.

Digital Wellness

This is a new project that Apple is delivering to help users monitor their screen time. Features like Notifications, updates on messages, emails, and Do Not Disturb, (which mutes your phone’s notifications), have been updated. Apple included a Screen Time app to show how much you spend on certain apps, while also gaining the ability to set time limits.

iOS12 and MacOS Mojave are expected to be publicly released this fall, just in time for the Apple Keynote in September, where we usually see a new iPhone upgrade. While there were none of the usual hardware releases, like new Macs or MacBooks, this Spring’s WWDC brought out impressive software performance updates that seem to aim for a more personalized Apple experience.

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