Introducing Trends on Tap: Our New IGTV Series

by Miró Cassetta

We are excited to announce the launch of Trends on Tap, a new video series on IGTV, Instagram’s video platform. Each episode brings you an insider’s take on the latest trends and news across the ad world, social media, tech, and more.

First up, meet TikTok star Rocco, a celebri-dog with 2.6 million followers (which is more than Justin Bieber has, btw). Senior Connections Strategist Stephanie Raddock interviews Rocco’s manager–er–owner, Erin Einbender about how she and Rocco rose to stardom on this inscrutable-to-people-older-than-25 social platform.   

Learn the secrets to influencer stardom here and make sure you’re following us on Instagram to catch future episodes.

Miró Cassetta

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