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Introducing The Modern Loyalty Report

by T3 Marketing

Last year, T3 released the Useful Brand Report, a study in which we asked 5,500 consumers to rate the world’s leading brands according to how well they perform against modern expectations.

While conducting the study, we noticed a key factor affecting brands’ scores: loyalty. We also noticed that restaurants and hospitality are the fastest growing category in the loyalty market.

Almost all major QSR and casual dining brands have some form of loyalty membership but very few of these programs are seen as useful.

According to the 2015 Colloquy Loyalty Census report, there are now roughly 3.3 billion rewards memberships in the U.S., but fewer than half of members actually use the programs.

This is because many brands fail to understand the fundamental distinction between “explicit” and “implicit” loyalty. Explicit loyalty refers to the programs we’re all familiar with in which we are rewarded via points and punches. Implicit loyalty is the kind of allegiance that comes from a strong brand, superior products, and top notch customer service. The disconnect between the two types of loyalty sits at the very heart of the imbalance between what brands often provide and what customers want.

To execute a more modern solution, T3 advocates a more holistic approach to loyalty that requires modern thinking, modern architecture, and modern execution. This puts the customer first while molding a flexible technology platform to what customers want—one that is also easier to implement because of our microservices approach. We go so far as to help company CFOs crunch numbers and develop loyalty pro formas to prove the benefits customer lifetime value. The end result is a loyalty program that is more affordable and faster to market than legacy solutions.

Read more about the project and discover solutions that benefit both the brand and consumer in our Modern Loyalty Report.