Instagram’s New Long-Form Video App Takes on YouTube

by Kendall Schultz

Last week Instagram announced they were releasing a standalone long-form video app, IGTV. The new platform has many similarities to YouTube. We’ve broken down a handy-dandy platform comparison for you. You’re welcome.


Don’t rule out short-form video… keep a healthy long- and short-form mix: Facebook and Instagram algorithms have changed over time to favor short-form content. Although IGTV is accessible through Instagram, it is a standalone app and experience, built for longer attention spans. If people begin to use usage insight features, marketers will need to consider making short- and long-form video to ensure visibility.

Consider more episodic storytelling: Long-form video allows creators and brands to be more curated with the videos they are producing, allowing them to tell their story in a more comprehensive way. Combine this with a chronological feed and autoplay feature and IGTV could be a threat to video streaming companies like Hulu and Netflix in the future. 

Get ready to work with YouTube influencers: Content creators who use YouTube as their primary channel have been unhappy with the platform’s monetization policies and recent change from a chronological subscription feed to an algorithm-driven feed. Although Instagram’s feed is also driven by an algorithm, their format makes it easier for creators’ communities to find them. Now that Instagram offers long-form video, they can utilize IGTV the same way they did with YouTube before it moved away from subscription feeds. If YouTube doesn’t find a way to keep creators happy, they could be wooed away by the IGTV channel.

Beyond the facts and specs, IGTV could be a game changer in the making. It has a long way to go and YouTube has and likely will continue to dominate the video content creator space, but once IGTV figures out how to monetize videos for creators it will give the video giant a run for its money.

Kendall Schultz

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