End of the Week

by Brandon Gredler and Anna Gilligan

a mentor of mine once said, ‘momentum is one of the hardest things to achieve and one of the easiest things to lose.’ and that is increasingly so en masse. so every morning, i go through a routine [mental and physical] in hopes to jumpstart the day’s momentum. i thought sharing one of the concepts that runs through my head may be beneficial – if for nothing more than a mere reminder or at least providing more opportunity for me to get made fun of.

two of the main sources that help articulate the concept of creating in times like these: an article and a book. the article is the power of the marginal by paul graham, one of the founders of y combinator. you should read it if you haven’t and you maaaaay want to re-read it again even if you have. 

the book comes from gary keller and jay papasan book titled the one thing and this image from the book is a nice visualization of the concept.

that concept, paraphrased, is that great things come from the fringe. the fringes of certainty, normalcy, pattern recognition. to operate in the fringe is usually not a choice and forced by a state of chaos, especially at scale. and that my friends is where we all are: the fringe. and the beauty is that in the fringe, the periphery, the margin, the upside down world – whatever you want to call it – means that we are forced into circumstances that have often shown to yield great results. we as builders get to create, design, ideate in the fringe, without choice. and if we can manage that, it means that we have a collective opportunity to set ourselves and others up for success when we start to move again.

it is this concept that helps in the morning, the afternoon, the night, well into the makers hours, and even into the ‘it’s so late let’s just say it tomorrow ‘cause it is’ hours.

I hope you find this as useful as i do. and i’d love to hear your thoughts and what helps you. send us some thoughts over at our ig page.

stay steady, stay safe, and keep your momentum,

brandon gredler

director of innovation and t3//LABS

a sonic companion for your reading  [spoiler alert: it’s a link to song on spotify]

WEEK OF 04.04.2020


  • a·dapt

Speaking of words, Merriam- Webster has literally added words to the dictionary for COVID-19 and NYT trying to explain what exactly “stay in place” means. Shared humbly as we sidestepped our amazing QA staff so they can prioritize other work today, and don’t get us started on the very visceral topic of “making the call.”


// Due to all the factors we don’t need to remind you of, it appears that “the medium is the message” is taking a bit of a back seat and “the message is the message.” Or as Anna calls it, the MVP of information distribution.

  1. Business Insider just dropped a carefully curated, yet simple, screenshot of a spreadsheet to distribute information. Perhaps a common practice, but somewhat more noticeable than before and aptly positioned as a “matrix” to reflect the time invested to date.
  2. Production grade reduction in media. Before the best podcasts [as per the numbers] were produced with much better quality than the recording of a phone call. News shows were highly Designed sets, beautiful lighting, and orchestrated conversations. Now? You get the news anchors broadcasting from their homes
  3. Yet, this “either/or” doesn’t seem to exist for “confirmed content” such as the WHO’s Open Brief. As the news cycles keep changing to reflect our external world and it’s all we do to keep up as professionals and humans, let’s remember and appreciate the SMBs who are doing BOTH simultaneously, on a daily basis as their menu and operations change. We predict some of these “makers” who have the skill, platforms and speed (dare we say, “agility” as our next aspiration) to have lasting impacts.  


// Cards FOR Humanity. Bravo.
check it out

// Graduation is a big deal for many ppl. And nothing like a global pandemic should keep the celebration and merry-making down. At least if the Business Breakthrough University in Japan has anything to say about it. And graduations aren’t the only major milestone adapting for now, follow along here and we’ll see if it’s worth a special brief. 
take a look

// Local donut favorite Bougie’s Donuts took to IG to take a real-time poll on what neighborhoods would be interested in them swinging through slanging donuts and coffee—ice cream truck style. A smart adaptation, my friends. Even if you didn’t pick my neighborhood.
their ig here

// Formula 1 announced Project Pitlane the other week, in where teams would lend their teams engineering muscle to create and develop ventilators for the global fight against the virus. From that initiative, Mercedes AMG announced that their CPAP designs, which were co-designed with University College London, are now freely available.
more detail here

// This isn’t quite the adaptation we were talking about. I’ll let the CBSLA twitter take it from here.
check it out

// Our crews are adapting too. When in Rome, amiright?
read more here


// Taking a look at mobility across categories like grocery, retail, and transit stations. Go ahead and filter to workplaces to bring a feeling of solidarity.  
check it out and click around

// By now you can sort out that we love data, like dashboards and sift through Tableau Public on the reg. So here is another one of those published by Toast, taking a look at revenue impact in the restaurant industry—the industry to arguably most quickly adapt in these times.
toast data charts here

// Good things come in 3s. Maybe. So to round out our Tableau Public adventures, take a look at the US Corona Virus Stimulus visualized as if it were $100. A bit easier to comprehend than $2.3T.
wrap your head around the stimulus


// Found in a slack channel, is this tasty little auditory experience for those missing the din of office life. Headphones in. Daydreaming on.
reminice here

// Google announced it’s new TalkBalk braille keyboard for Android devices.
more here


// Our Chief Strategy Officer James Lanyon has some high praise for Quibi. I think I agree with his thoughts about the new platform nailing a lot during their launch week. For great visuals on how media consumption has changed by generation…
check this out


// Delta has let ppl keep their beloved status during the time of COVID-19. I mean, can you imagine if your Diamond status vanished as you wait for the latest episode of Tiger King?
good on you delta


// Google is reporting an all-time global high in search terms around ‘how to help.’ Elderly, food donation, community, etc.
check it out

// EA, the mega- video game company, commits to $2M matching fund from employee donations to support front-line workers globally.
more here

// In a tweet [naturally], our man Jack Dorsey announced he is committing $1B in Square equity, about ~28% of his wealth, to help in COVID-19 relief efforts.
that’s a lot of dimp

// Those who have overcome the virus, maybe the key to helping others do the same by donating blood plasma.
more here
report here

// Peloton has committed to donating 100 bikes to healthcare professionals on the front-line of the pandemic. You can nominate yourself or someone else, but you better get those submissions in as the cutoff is April 12th.
nominate here

// Everything old is new again. Proof? If you know COBOL you’re in demand.
read more

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