End of the Week

by Anna Gilligan and Brandon Gredler

hello there. a quick heads up before we begin. in keeping with the idea the medium can be the message, here at t3//LABS we embrace our writing style, taking some liberties with capitalization, punctuation, and at times, abbreviations. don’t @ me about it.


by the time you read this, more will have changed since the post time and date. we are currently in unprecedented times and a major factor is the sheer speed in which things are evolving. businesses, scientific data, impacted areas, legislation, etc. are changing in light of the covid-19 virus outbreak. that is precisely why the t3//LABS team has partnered with strategists, designers, and engineers to create a compendium of covid-19 impact as an effort to not only document but start to identify the signals and patterns emerging from the vortex of uncertainty we all find ourselves in.

to be clear, this is not meant to be a replacement for market research or robust business intelligence, but instead serve as your high octane evolving brief of what we have seen, what you may have missed and a few thought starters that have been curated by humans (with support from machines) we present to you the first ‘end of the week’.

our goal is to create this wkly digest on fridays, for the foreseeable future delivered here in this blog and in our t3//LABS newsletter.

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i usually sign off by saying hugs and hi-fives. that seems irresponsible. so let’s try this:

stay steady and stay safe,

brandon gredler

director of innovation and t3//LABS

WEEK OF 3.30.2020


  • Sol·i·dar·i·ty


Case in point public vs. personal places

// Picking your spot: Millennial “kids” may be moving back home and they aren’t the only ones looking closely at where they live as they settle into place. As seen by the mass exodus of NYC elite to summer homes, and the spike in home improvement projects, we are keeping a close eye on “anxiety” nesting and the long-term decisions being made right now.

// Are the efforts of digital connection really enough? A recent piece on the quiet danger of “social recession” and the impact it will have on many, especially those already at risk and living alone.

// Good & bad for our emotional support animals. Just as we mentioned at the beginning, it is incredible to see people stepping up and getting a pet. From three cats to a roaming tortoise, we believe in the power of their love. Why is this bad? We’ve been seeing articles around the harsh reality of pets being left behind & speculation over recent adopters’ “pet adoption baby boom.”


// And speaking of trends, I like this Tableau dash called COVID-19 Looks Like A JIRA Ticket. 
check it out and click around


// We were going to call this section GOOD NEWS, but let’s just settle for DECENT NEWS. New England Patriots, without Tom Brady, are going to be alright. Proof? The team used their private team airplane to fly in 1.2M N95 masks to the US.
more here

// We think the cure just may be found with this guy—104-year-old WW2 veteran and absolute legend who survived not only the war but the Spanish flu and Coronavirus.
buy this guy a drink

// Speaking of drinks, Busch is giving 3 months’ worth of beer to ppl who adopt or foster dogs during the pandemic. While not everyone’s 3 months’ worth of beer is created equal, we applaud Busch. Off to grind those adoption papers…
more here

// James Dyson has a great accent, and a decent heart. In 10 days the founder of Dyson designed a new ventilator and now plans to produce 15,000 units to assist the medical field.
how’s that for a design sprint?

// Not from this week, but we still like it and it’s still important to Wash Your Lyrics. Because you can only hum Happy Birthday so many times.
generate your hand washing tune here


// T3 is headquartered in Austin, TX. Home to our beloved SXSW. The organization recently announced a partnership with AMZN to allow the films that were slated to be shown get their time to shine.
more here

// After breaking Facebook, Garth Brooks and wife/mega-country star Trisha Yearwood took to CBS for a live performance. Garth was kind of creepy. Trisha was amazing. And the show was a nice break from the news cycle.
more here

// And Verizon partnered with Dave Matthews in a Pay It Forward series featuring the artist at home doing a stripped down acoustic set.
feels like i’m high school all over


// Drake releases new video, featuring all of the health measures we should be taking.
toosie slide

// Eerily optimistic video from our headquarters in ATX. I don’t like when ppl say ‘wait till the end’, but wait till the end.
check it out

// One of the best chefs in the world, José Andrés, invites you into his home. To cook. Dance. Sing. And all the other things you do when you cannot leave.
read more here

// For some, not a whole lot has changed in our creative processes and our creative desires. Best summed up by Brian David Johnson.
check it out


// The Forced Hand of Innovation. Before COVID-19 the choice to not innovate meant a slow spiraling demise for organizations. In the current climate, the choice to not innovate means an almost immediate demise. Which means organizations have implemented transformative measures in response. And in most cases, seemingly overnight. As they should. However, in a post COVID-19 world, once we can stabilize, I predict there will be a lot of work undoing and redoing some of these expeditious innovations.

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