End of the Week

by Brandon Gredler and Anna Gilligan

Oftentimes I am surprised at what part of what content gets the most attention and takes off. The last newsletter’s dark horse of content was the link to the Binaural Brainwave app. A good number of ppl clicked the link and I hope a good portion of those who did actually installed the app and have experimented with brainwave manipulation.

All this brainwave talk reminds me of the time some friends and I used brainwaves and heartbeats of concert-goers to power an entire light show for 700 ppl. It’s true. 

You should check out the video for proof and some tasty eye candy.

Stay steady, stay safe, and keep your momentum,

Brandon Gredler

Executive Director of Innovation and t3//LABS


On top of everything, shoutouts to all the parents that are all of the sudden homeschool teachers, and IT consultants.

a sonic companion for your reading [transitions by el ten eleven]

WEEK OF 05.11.2020


  • ru·mi·na·tion

“So what we wind up with is the opposite of flow: negative, inward-directed attention under what we call cognitive load. That is to say: having a lot of stuff on your mind. The psychological opposite of flow is called rumination.”


// I am proud to be a part of a company that uses its resources for good. We recently partnered with Vitalant to help get the word out about plasma and potential treatments for COVID-19. #VitalToLife
quick video here


// As I’ve mentioned, the nostalgia economy is a thing. But so is progress. Epic announced its next iteration of Unreal. We’ve used Unreal in the past to design immersive experiences, and I cannot wait to get UE5 in the lab.
more here

// One would think this next headline should have been published MARCH 13th, but nope. MAY 13th. Uber now requires all drivers to wear masks. K.
more here

// The unbundling of the darling of COVID-19, Zoom.
read more here

// Snacks on snacks on snacks. Pepsi wants your pantry and launches two new DTC platforms in an effort to dominate your shelf space.
more here

// I don’t know exactly why, but I quite enjoy thinking about the physical infrastructure of the Internet. My fascination began in graduate school and continues with a child-like amusement and I cannot fully explain why. And one of the latest developments is coming from FB as they begin 2Africa.
more infrastructure delight here

// Elon Musk named his son in part after the Lockheed A-12. He has also trolled the idea of moving TSLA in the past. This seems to be more of a negotiating tactic with California.
y’all like tsla?


// The EU is starting to think about saving its tourism industry, just in time for summer. But if you’re not already in the EU, they don’t really want you to visit just yet.
planning my best clark griswold

// If the EU isn’t far enough away and you’re looking to get into orbit, you should practice first with the SpaceX ISS docking simulator.
good luck 

make sure to bring your tinfoil hat


// In the continued tradition of skipping theatre releases, Disney delivers another blow to the theatre industry.
more here

// Re: theatres, rumor has it that AMZN is eyeing a takeover of AMC. My skeptical hippo eyes are out on this one.
more here

// Have you ever wanted to own a sports team? Is your answer “yes”? Or “of course!”? Check out Arctos. Fractional passive sports ownership.
more here


// It has been said that the pandemic has not really changed the course of anything, it has simply accelerated the course of everything. And I am inclined to agree. Example? The accelerated rate of chatbots into call centers.
more here

// Earlier the FAA announced it will partner with 8 technology firms to aid in its Remote ID program for drones. Not included, DJI.
official release here

// Speaking of robotics, do you like Black Mirror? It’s actually happening in Singapore.
it’s here

// AMZN has robots too. These come with UV lights.
check it out


// As a founding member of the CRM and Loyalty practice at T3, I spend a lot of time thinking about personalization. And just then Annhesier Busch says, “Did you say personalization? Hold my beer…”
check this out

// The power of Kickstarter in a post-COVID-19 world. Enter Nosy. You know, for your nosy.
donate here

// All great innovations start with some form of a prototype. I submit to you the almighty pool noodle.
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