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End of the Week

by Brandon Gredler and Anna Gilligan

As we round out the “work week” I looked back at one of the more interesting conversations I had with a client around creating ritualized experiences. Those movements that connect the body to the mind to the imagination of both past experiences and future desires. Which reminded me of the importance of my own routine, especially as one day fades into the next. A key part of my daily ritual is binaural frequencies or binaural beats.

In a TL;DR style, it goes something like this. Your brain operates on 5 different frequencies throughout the day. By manipulating those frequencies you can adjust your mood, and you do that by listening to competing inverted sine waves played at certain frequencies, known as binaural beats.

My journey into this began when I was studying in London in 2001. My German professor of Experimental Sound and Noise positioned two speakers at the front of the class and played sounds (sine waves) through those speakers. She asked us to close our eyes and pay attention to our thoughts and feelings as she traversed the prescripted soundscape. Collectively the class was led through feelings of elation, happiness, meditative states, and even fear. It was WILD and I was hooked.

So I started by creating my own binaural beats to help with concentration, creativity, meditation, sleep, etc. by using software on my laptop, designing competing frequencies based off of other research, converting those to .mp3 files, and loading them into an iPod (remember those?). As time progressed, it turns out there’s an app for that (remember that?) and it’s called Brain Wave 35 Binaural Series. “They” say the research is inconclusive. I say I cannot recommend this app enough! Definitely worth a try. If you don’t feel like paying for the app, there are plenty of “free” resources across the web, including YouTube and Spotify.

Stay steady, stay safe, and keep your momentum,

Brandon Gredler

Director of Innovation and t3//LABS

a sonic companion for your reading [fearless. by pink floyd]

WEEK OF 04.27.2020


“…property of systems that increase in capability to thrive as a result of stressors, shocks, volatility, noise, mistakes, faults, attacks, or failures.”

book recommendation

another book recommendation


Across the nation, states are taking a different approach to re-opening. As businesses respond with new safety protocols, even your local hair salon, it has been interesting to see how many able to start re-entry on May 1st have announced they are waiting “until they feel it’s ready and feasible.” Certainly, safety is key and 25% is hard to justify staff, but people outside of Florida are flocking to the beaches and crowding state parks… Are we all just simply waiting for one major city to say “Let’s go!” before we see a stampede of fast follow openings?

Our POV: Summer is coming and people are sick of their screens. Businesses will still be held accountable, but the clock is ticking and we think the trend “Excessive Hedonism” is about to fuel the next wave of consumer spending outside the home.


// Sean Eidson is almost always thinking about Loyalty. And he has some thoughts around the 3 things you and your loyalty program should do right about now!
more here


// Imitation is the sincerest form of IP theft. FB goes after Zoom.
more here

// I’ve always been BIG on the Spotify long view and their latest announcement is proving why, yet again. Anchor (acquired by SPOT last February) announced they will now turn your (way too) frequent video calls into audio files.

// More on SPOT – they picked up a cool 6m new paid users since all of our habits have been disrupted.
check it out 

// Shopify, the ubiquitous e-comm platform has done something I think I like. They’ve launched Shop – an aggregator for those retailers using the platform, leveraging the infinite-scroll nature of IG to help support the discovery of their users. It’s not only smart. It’s smart-smart.
more here


// Putting this under entertainment because “the nostalgia economy” is a thing, and back when I was coming up, going to the mall was entertainment. 75% of Hudson Yards tenants are refusing to pay rent for April. My, how contracts will change.
this isn’t good

// A lot of aging industries are buried due to my terrible name of “the forced hand of innovation.” But it’s true. Example: Due to this mess, Universal released Trolls 2: World Tour straight to streaming. And the results are no joke.
i’m surprised they’re surprised. more here.


// Looking for a new hobby? Maybe spying on crowds that are closer than 6ft? Bored? Either way, DJI just announced a new drone for you to crash.
for the low-low starting price of $800

// The thought of sharing autonomous vehicles is a bit different than it was a few months ago. Some are even predicting an absolute surge in vehicle ownership. That may be neither here nor there, but Ford is delaying their autonomous fleet.
for obvious reasons


// Ppl are bored. How do I know? Because app push notifications just hit a 4-year high for their open-rate. What hath God wrought?
check it out. or i’ll send you a push notification.

// The Speed of Science takes a look at the good, the bad, and the in-between of moving at the speed of a pandemic, that some argue was caused by snakes or an extraterrestrial pathogen. 
more here

// Our friends over at Kelton did some diggin’ on how ppl are feeling. Apparently, 72% of Americans reported that they will reach their “breaking point” by June. That’s funny because 72% of the ppl I know are already there and have just managed to put the pieces back together. I kid, I kid. Kind of…
great read here


// I love ATL. And here is another reason why: Art as Therapy meets entrepreneurship.
well done


// Came across this interesting 10-second eye exercise to relieve curiosity and anxiety.
try it here

// Some parts of Texas are “open.” Certainly one of those parts is for startups, as Silverton Partners raises $144M round to be deployed across Texas.
more here

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Brandon Gredler
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