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by Brandon Gredler and Anna Gilligan

Hello again. I recently got scolded about my use of lowercase letters. So fine. I’ll move one step closer to “proper grammar.” 


Since this blog and newsletter series have evolved in the time of SIP, the amount of ppl who have reached out to discuss their fleeting sanity, their patterns and rituals, and their personal rise of hobbies has been pretty wild and inspiring. Which led me to do a bit of my own research around human behavior in epidemics, which eventually evolved to researching creation in the time of isolation. And that search term evolution allowed me to stumble nicely into Samuel Pepys.

Do you know who Samuel Pepys is?

I did not. Then I came to learn about the British Naval officer who kept a journal from 1660 to 1669 during the time of the bubonic plague in London. Apparently it was a lot like what we are going through. But without all the modern creature comforts, of course.

All said, we hope you have created your rhythms and time-management tricks to allow for freedom through discipline. 

Stay steady, stay safe, and keep your momentum,

Brandon Gredler

Director of Innovation and t3//LABS

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WEEK OF 04.20.2020


  • Paradox of Preparation

“referring to how preventative measures can intuitively seem like a waste of time both before and after the fact.”


We still stand behind MVP of Information, so we’ll keep this short. 

// Drive-In Movies

// More home-cooked meals

// Jordan is the most popular basketball player in the world.


// Mary Meeker and Bond Capital drop a special coronavirus report.
check it out


// Contact Tracing. Oh, what a time to be alive in the age of convenient privacy concerns.
video link here

// From AMZN and Bezos—he feels like widespread testing needs to be available prior to the economic restart. And I bet he has ideas on who will deliver the testing…
more here

// NFLX is now worth more than Exxon. Makes sense.
more here

// Due to all the things going on, we all have a new vocabulary. Super-spreader is new to me, but FB is all too familiar with this lot of ppl who spread misinformation. Check it out.
super-spreaders beware 
kind of like snopes for corona


// Looking to keep tabs on all the AI working on the COVID-19 problem? Check out this publication “MAPPING THE LANDSCAPE OF ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE APPLICATIONS AGAINST COVID-19.” Straight forward enough name. Pretty dense read. 
more here


// Instagram co-founders launched this state-by-state platform to help track the reproduction rate of COVID-19.
very helpful

// This one made the rounds recently and rightfully so. COVID Loan Tracker.
track them loans

// Speaking of trackers, here’s a Google Sheet to help track places for ppl who live that #vanlife in the time of SIP.
have a space, give a space – need a space, take a space

// “They” say to make sure you put on real pants from time to time to help keep tabs on your weight fluctuations while you SIP. Speaking of my personal fluctuations, Lauren Murphy from our Pragmatic Brain Science Institute takes a great look at comfort food these days.
the consumer psychology behind comfort food

// You get more wi-fi. And you get more wi-fi. And you get more wi-fi.
read more here


// This is a fantastic story about design, innovation, and creating in the fringe. This nurse designs  a mask with a 99.5% efficacy rate.
get inspired here

// On February 27th of this year, I called out coronavirus fashion as something to keep an eye on. I’m not going to say I told you so, but…
coronavirus fashion is a thing

// Ppl are investing in their homes. Because of course. And Samsung has your television needs AND your cat’s needs covered.
packaging converts to your cat’s new house


// I’m old enough to now live through 2 eras of watching Michael Jordan be the most dominant athlete in the world. Honestly, it’s surreal to relive childhood memories through the Jordan documentary “The Last Dance.”
check it 

// Speaking of royalty, on 4.20.2020 his Highness Willie Nelson took to Twitch and Facebook to celebrate the holiday. Even if you do not partake in the smoking of the sacred plant—you would probably say yes to the opportunity to smoke with Willie Nelson. Now is your chance, even beyond 4.20.
watching ceiling fans go ’round, trying to catch that feeling
one of the highlights as far as i’m concerned – kacey musgraves

// As entertainment evolves in this time, creators are finding new interactive outlets on existing platforms. Take Swizz Beatz and Timbaland’s Verzuz beat battle series. The Live DJ battles have been fascinating. None as much as Babyface v. Teddy Riley. Mainly because it still hasn’t happened in my opinion. Because they broke Instagram.
more here

// For quite some time now, we’ve been discussing the future of higher education. The rise of nano-degrees seems to be the least of concerns as universities that are highly dependent on football teams as money generators battle coronavirus from a completely different angle.
more here

// Hopefully you’re getting used to UGC. In a world where we are all shining our Bat Signal, even he can’t show up.
batman pushes


// As new consumer behavior and habits are being molded through the pandemic, businesses are moving to meet the point-in-time solution, with hopes to stay ahead. Amex is a great example.
more here


// Hong Kong has reported that for the first time in 6 weeks, there are no new cases.
more here

// The Paycheck Protection Program granted beloved burger chain Shake Shack a $10M loan. But they said they said they were good.
more here
more about that ppp here

// How bad is your cabin fever that you’re willing to be on the first American rocket to space since 2011? 
countdown to launch

// More than 500k ppl have recovered from COVID-19.
details here

// Abbott launches new testing kits, shipping this week. Some ppl say it works, others say no. I say it’s progress.
more here


// I’ll leave this one in the sorry, I’m not sorry category. After hoarding $10,000 worth of toilet paper and hand sanitizer, this Australian was refused a refund when trying to return.
more here

// This is like one of those things you know, but just don’t want to hear it out loud—the WHO wants the world to chill on its favorite pastime, drinking.
collective sigh here

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