Creating Branded Augmented Reality Experiences Consumers Can’t Live Without

by Ben Gaddis

T3 President Ben Gaddis spoke with eMarketer about the state of augmented reality and the opportunities it presents to marketers as technology continues to improve.

There are still several hardware hurdles that need to be addressed in order to allow for seamless AR experiences and wider adoption of the technology. Apart from the stigma still surrounding walking around holding your phone over your head, battery life and camera technology still pose challenges for AR, and the technology’s return on investment is still too low for marketers.

Despite this, large advancements have been made and the hardware can finally deliver on AR’s promise. The overlaid data renders quickly and isn’t jerky. According to Ben, “Where we will see the shift is from marketers who are creating things people can’t live without.” It is likely that we’ll see the rise of AR-driven hardware in the coming years.

Check out eMarketer to read the full interview.

Ben Gaddis

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