An Action Plan For Restaurants in the Era of Social Distancing

COVID-19 is changing the way people live their lives in unprecedented ways. Restaurants across the world are adapting their business, brand and marketing models to sustain revenue in a time where people are transforming how they eat, where they eat, what they eat, and who they eat with.

It is our belief that restaurants can support business continuity and drive customer engagement through three key tenets:

  1. Respond: Understand the people in your ecosystem to stay human in your approach. Communicate current customer circumstances from a confident, capable team.
  2. Reframe and Pivot: Develop plans, tactics and tools to engage consistently and thoughtfully in a time of disruption.
  3. Reposition: Test, learn and evolve solutions based on your customers’ response. Monitor their reactions to marketing and communications.

In this report, you’ll find insights, considerations and frameworks to help guide your marketing and communications strategy in the world of social distancing and quarantine.

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