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With growth in online ordering and new concepts, restaurants are fighting for share and loyalty. Yet disconnected systems, platforms and marketing are keeping them from impressing customers who expect personalization. We have a modern answer.


T3 works with forward-thinking QSR and casual dining brands, from the largest chains to high-growth concepts—22,000+ stores. We’re helping with change management, to support revenue, share, comp sales and frequency. Customer-first restaurant experiences must strike a balance between back-end systems, front-end CX design and the right marketing to engage customers for today’s world.


Online and mobile ordering and delivery are exploding. Most large brands responded. Who’s winning and who’s falling behind? T3’s new Dining-On-Demand model helps you assess how your brand is meeting guests’ growing online needs. Just answer six yes/no questions to see how you rank against the top 50 QSR brands.



Most restaurant systems are disconnected. Valuable customer data is not shared. Customer experience breaks down. We help integrate systems through agile technology approaches and platform partnerships. This accelerates the introduction of new capabilities to enhance customer experience and drive revenue.

Modern Loyalty

Loyalty is the technology-driven thread to unlock personalized experiences for customers. Modern loyalty means moving beyond traditional punch-based programs that suffer from low customer engagement and from proprietary, expensive loyalty platforms that lack the agility. T3 designs customer-driven loyalty programs that combine systems, data, CX and creativity to make loyalty personalized and predictive.

Pizza Hut: T3 helped Pizza Hut introduce a modern approach to loyalty to thrill its customers.

Facial recognition is now part of T3’s Restaurant Accelerator, personalizing and streamlining ordering and pick up. Watch video.

Online Ordering

Customers order differently, so we give brands flexibility to let people order and pick up when they want; track orders; get alerts when the order is ready; check out with mobile payment; split checks; and save preferences. Our Restaurant Accelerator and Olo partnership speeds deployment of these features. T3’s new facial recognition technology takes the next step in personalization, efficiency and loyalty by letting customers submit and pick up orders using just their face.


As delivery expands, brands are feeling pressured to join up with Uber Eats, Postmates, or Favor—but risk 30% of guest checks getting eaten away. We let you own your delivery future. We use the Olo online ordering platform to provide customized delivery through Olo Dispatch. You own the entire customer journey from ordering to delivery along with the relationship and data. It brings speed and cost-effectiveness to adding delivery to online ordering.

Restaurant Accelerator: T3’s mobile ordering solution is an experience that’s low-cost, easy to install and quick to deploy.

T3 POV: Read how microservices architecture brings efficiency, scale and speed to your tech stack.

Data & Tech Stack

T3 helps restaurants use data to gain a true single view of the customer by connecting siloed POS, ordering, loyalty and CRM systems to create unified experiences. Microservices architecture lets us easily plug new capabilities into existing systems and drive data throughout the ecosystem. For one client, we integrated six systems in months to support 6,000+ units and save millions in IT costs. This approach also helps establish roadmaps to quickly add new services.


+ 22 K


+ 1 Billion


+ 60 Million



Once systems are in place, brands must then build experiences and connect them with a blend of relevance and creativity. Digital touchpoints must be effortless. Marketing must anticipate customer needs while amplifying your brand’s personality.

Customer Experience Design

Restaurant customers expect the immediacy of Uber and the predictiveness of Amazon. T3’s human-centered design approach creates experiences that balance function, creativity and moments of delight. Design elements and microinteractions are intuitively placed. Menus and locations are easy to find. Ordering is streamlined. Customer information is remembered. A seamless flow from the first point of digital contact to checkout, store visit, or getting delivery creates an experience that builds loyalty.

7-Eleven: Our development work made the 7-Eleven site smarter, more scalable and more 7-Eleven.

T3 CRM programs for restaurants cover all touchpoints in a guest’s journey—with powerful results.


We create CRM strategies and campaigns that model customer data to serve the most relevant offers based on a customer’s preferences and order history. We work with leading CRM systems, developing strategies and campaigns with ongoing analytics to drive optimization. We know that context drives conversion, so we customize offers based on month, daypart, weather, holidays and big sports and cultural events to drive restaurant sales.

Media & Social

Media and social media are force multipliers for T3 restaurant clients. Our strategy, connections and creative teams develop campaigns that meet awareness and business goals, from increasing app downloads to lifting catering sales. We uncover insights that identify where customer and brand interests intersect. This lets us to go beyond mass marketing to engage people with work that gets them to take action—whether it’s showing brand love or trying a new product.

Cinnabon: We helped Cinnabon spread warmth with a holiday campaign people wanted to experience and share.

Auntie Anne’s: We celebrated the brand’s big 3-0 in 3D with a campaign that drew 1 million RSVPs to one big pretzel party.

Creative Campaigns

As an agency, T3 is unique in that technology, experience design and brand-building creativity are unified. The back-end systems and loyalty programs we develop become the canvas to express your brand personality to engage your customers. We work with fun-loving brands, shops with indulgent treats and concepts where farm-to-market quality comes first. Our work connects deeply with customers, building awareness and amplifying fandom. It also generates business-side results.