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Named a Strong Performer in the Forrester Wave™: Loyalty Service Providers, T3’s Modern Loyalty Practice works with brand leaders across diverse categories. We come at the problem differently by putting customers first and emphasizing experiences over programs based on punches, points or platforms.


Customer expectations for loyalty are changing, but legacy loyalty programs are not. Customers want personalized experiences that recognize and reward their preferences, wherever and whenever they want. By putting customers first and emphasizing experiences over confusing incentives and restrictive platforms, T3 builds deeper customer loyalty with a mix of logic, experiential magic, a maniacal focus on outcomes, and unprecedented go-to-market flexibility.


Modern Loyalty Audit

T3 Modern Loyalty Audits help brands understand how their current or planned loyalty program compares to both competitors and best-in-class programs. We assess: customer drivers, motivations and touchpoints; program economics; tech stack and data flow; and internal needs. We will outline a roadmap, testing models and go-to-market plans.

T3 research identified an unmet need that led to a loyalty-driving new product.

Pizza Hut: T3 helped Pizza Hut introduce a modern approach to loyalty that’s thrilling customers.

Program Design

We develop comprehensive, customer-first loyalty experiences and comprehensive, data-driven programs. We balance the customer’s high expectations with your financial realities and business goals. Our work includes the foundational loyalty strategy, customer personas, positioning, economic models and data science to drive CRM. We take brands from concept to market program in weeks, not years.

Product Design

Modern loyalty programs are equal parts experience, recognition and rewards. Our Product Design group creates customer-centric experiences across apps, websites, POS, in-store displays and other channels. Experiences are personalized and predictive based on preferences, past purchases and in context of day, time, weather and other factors.

7-Eleven: Loyalty experiences are personalized across the 7-Eleven ecosystem.

T3: Our Restaurant Accelerator demonstrates how agile thinking brings beautiful products to market fast.

Rapid Prototyping

T3 believes in prototypes over PowerPoints. Our Loyalty Accelerator enables us to prototype and test high fidelity loyalty experiences and program elements in a matter of weeks. This approach enables us to use real data to learn, iterate and optimize based on real customer feedback.

Tech Architecture

Instead of offering a proprietary platform, T3 is platform-agnostic. This enables us to advise clients to select the right solutions for their customers, business and growth plans. T3’s tech architecture combines APIs, microservices and best-in-breed solutions to customize flexible solutions around your customers, business and growth.

T3 POV: Read how microservices architecture brings efficiency, scale and speed to your tech stack.

Cinemark: We helped Cinemark design loyalty experiences around what movie-lovers love.

Subscription Services

In an increasingly subscription-driven economy, T3 provides the strategic foundation to design and implement subscription service models that are differentiated, scalable and, most importantly, profitable. T3 business intelligence, strategy, and product design teams work hand-in-hand to create a cohesive program, experience, and testable go-to-market plan.

Business Intelligence

T3 brings data to life to drive higher customer engagement and improve business outcomes across all facets of your experiences. Our data scientists are able to extract valuable insights from once-disconnected data sources and present those insights in dashboards to monitor program health, issues and opportunities.

T3: Modern Loyalty dashboards deliver insights in real time.

T3: Comprehensive training ensures that loyalty programs are understood and embraced across your organization.

Operational Support

A typical fail point for loyalty programs is lack of communications, training and tech support for client teams. Our Modern Loyalty Playbooks help clients inform, energize and train internal teams with sales, communications and change management plans along with ongoing training, product design and strategic support.