Forrester Wave™: Loyalty Service Provider Report

The Forrester Wave™: Loyalty Service Providers, Q3 2019 assesses the state of the loyalty service provider market with a comparison of 14 providers across 22 criteria. T3 was recognized as a Strong Performer, earning a top score for its “vision and execution road map”.

“For companies looking for a new way to solve loyalty challenges, T3 offers a compelling approach,” the report stated. 

In its analysis of T3, Forrester reported: “Its ‘Modern Loyalty’ approach focuses on designing innovative experiences that drive loyalty by anticipating and exceeding customer expectations.” The evaluation went on to state that client “references confirm T3’s commitment to innovation and appreciate its creative storytelling and ‘interesting way of thinking about loyalty and delivering on its ideas.’”

The report also notes that T3’s “commitment isn’t just in name only: T3 offers clients a 5% match on funds dedicated to innovation.”

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Forrest Loyaly Wave Graphic