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T3 Labs

Purposeful Innovation, Tuned to Users and Technology

Innovation is wired deep into the DNA of T3. Labs is our most vital expression of it, driving change where humans and technology intersect. And all driving purpose and value.

What is T3 Labs?

The cross channels of technology, business and culture are complex and fluid. We've built T3 Labs to help our clients understand the landscape and act on it: sensing opportunity and building plans—and reactions to it. A results and user-focused playground, our team of solvers think and build working responses to specific, practical challenges.

  • We sense opportunity by staying ahead of trends
  • We respond by partnering or investing in curve-pushing ideas
  • We experiment with emerging technologies and processes to create value
  • We create solutions, ranging from simulations to prototypes
  • We document our findings: whitepapers, presentations, etc.
T3 Labs Venn Diagram

Labs' Latest

Trump and Dump

Trump and Dump

Analyze tweets. Short stocks. Save puppies. All in seconds. See our award-winning experiment with an algorithmically powered 'bot.

Creating with AI

Creating with AI

IBM invited musicians to make music with their new AI-fueled music platform Watson Beat, uploading all the code to GitHub. We gave it a spin.



T3 combined our virtual reality sensory immersion with iFly's indoor skydiving simulations to recreate the thrill of human flight.

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