Nelan Schwartz

Nelan Schwartz

Chief Technology Officer

Nelan directs T3’s innovative Technology group which handles the development and engineering behind digital experiences, apps and websites for all clients.

Before joining T3, Nelan spent 16 years at frog—the past six leading the Technology team in Munich. As Executive Technology Director at frog, he was instrumental in building out the technology capability across frog Europe. Over the past 20+ years, his client experience has included telecom, consumer electronics, automotive, entertainment and software industries.

Nelan is a rare native of Austin and his parents still live in the house he grew up in. He started his career building the first website for the Texas General Land Office after graduating from The University of Texas with a degree in Zoology. Recognized around T3’s offices for his neon-colored athletic shoes, Nelan admits that he is in “a slow and steady decline when it comes to sports,” but used to do adventure races, triathlons and marathons.