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Ben Gaddis

Ben Gaddis

President and CEO

As Senior Partner at Material, Ben Gaddis operates in an enhanced role from his previous position as CEO of T3, with a focus on driving growth, business development, and partnerships for Material. Using his extensive leadership and client experience, he’s able to expertly work across a multitude of departments and client engagements. He connects the dots between insights and innovative brand activations, collaborating with key players and leaders across the company to engage clients in discovering Material’s integrated offerings, deepening our relationships with industry analysts, and developing thought leadership that builds our industry profile.

Ben understands that even large organizations must innovate, and he’s obsessed with practically preparing people, companies, and industries for the future by testing possibilities and getting them one step ahead of the curve — a practice that’s earned him the moniker of ‘Pragmatic Futurist.’ 

He is a frequent industry speaker and writer and has been featured in Forbes, TechCrunch, The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg TV, and many more. He’s the co-host of the podcast “Cocktails and Questions,” which covers all things technology, business, culture, and booze, and he’s the author of the book, Embracing Irrationality: How crazy thinking can save your career, your company, and possibly the world.