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For 30+ years, T3 has helped clients build Useful Brands™ and the experiences that power them. Our Think Tank approach to collaboration, innovation and creativity is driven by talent, culture and damn good people.

It's All Part of the Job

Dogs of T3

I am a regular at T3, known to prance beyond my second-floor home where my Caroline sits. My dog pod sees a lot of action, but I tend to keep to myself (when not stealing toys from Rose and Bodie). I’m on T3’s good dog list, because I once barked at CEO Gay Gaddis and lived to tell the tale.


Louis Dog of T3

It's All Part of the Job

It's All Part of the Job

5-Year Trips

The 5-year work anniversary trip gave my wife and me an opportunity to explore a new city together. The timing was perfect, as it coincided with our 10-year wedding anniversary. Our Santa Fe adventure was full of our favorite things: art, food and nature. The program gave us the freedom and flexibility to celebrate two milestones in our lives.

Keith Tanski

Keith Tanski Group Strategy Director

It's All Part of the Job

It's All Part of the Job

Happy Hours

Other than Welcome Days for all our new people, my next favorite day is Thursday at 4 sharp. That’s when I catch-up with co-workers over a glass of wine or even something stronger at our weekly happy hour.

Tabby Valdes

Tabby Valdes People and Culture Manager

It's All Part of the Job

It's All Part of the Job

T3 & Under

As a 14-year T3 veteran, the T3 and Under program holds a special place in my heart. It allowed me to be with my daughter Gia throughout the day while continuing to work, a huge help in my transition to working motherhood. I will never forget the joy it brought me during my time in the program but also how it continues to bring me joy by seeing new families experience it. A true game changer.

Carolyn Connolly

Carolyn Connolly Group Creative Director

It's All Part of the Job

It's All Part of the Job

Concierge Services

Our concierge services are pretty cool—from dry cleaning pickup to restaurant reservations. But for someone like me whose gift wrapping skills peaked in third grade, nothing beats the perfectly wrapped present achieved with zero paper cuts.

Austin Hegarty

Austin Hegarty New Business and Marketing Manager

It's All Part of the Job

Are You One Of Us?

We’re not looking for new answers to the same old questions. We’re looking for curious people willing to rewrite the question.

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The T3 Internship Program

Our paid internship program gives students and recent grads hands-on experience working with real clients. On real projects. The only coffee you’ll ever be fetching is your own. For real.

Email internships@t-3.com for more information.